2007 June | SIMA

What a whirlwind of a weekend. You should be relieved to know that J and I made it to the airport on time, but by the time we got through security (who knew there would be such a line at 5:30 AM?), our plane had already started to board. So we hopped on, and away we went.

Friday: Wedding venue search, day 1. Out of the three places we visited, two had potential — and they couldn’t be more different. One was a hotel. The other…let’s just say it was a unique location. My wedding planner told me I couldn’t tell anyone until we made our decision. Then it was off to dinner at Maggiano’s, where my family met J’s family for the first time. Ordering “family style” at Maggiano’s could be a great way to break the ice when eating amongst strangers, but for some reason we didn’t do it that way. Still, it was a delicious dinner. I highly recommend the lobster ravioli.

Saturday: Wedding venue search, day 2. Out of the three places today, we only liked one. We were much faster today and even had time to stop at Nordstrom so I could buy shoes for Sunday’s fete before heading back to my house for an informal “meet the in-laws” BBQ. This time we were able to play musical chairs more easily and make sure that everyone had a chance to converse with each other. It was such a beautiful evening, and, thanks to the handy Williams Sonoma grill thermometer my dad received for Father’s Day, the food was delish.

Sunday: Engagement party! 53 of our nearest and dearest (and local) stopped by the house for a luncheon. A cousin of my father’s catered the event, and we had enough food to feed three times as many guests. The weather could not have been any more gorgeous, and had my mother not spilled Dr. Brown’s Diet Black Cherry soda all over the back of my dress*, I’d say the party went on without a hitch.

Monday: Parted ways with J on NJ Transit — he got off at Newark Airport and I continued into the city to run a few quick errands. I was in and out of the city in no time and then ran a few more errands with my mom when I got back home before having dinner (leftovers!) with family friends at the house.

Tomorrow: Wedding dress search, day 1!

*J and I were able to get most of the soda out of the dress before the majority of the guests arrived. A trip to the dry cleaners should make the rest of it all better.