Off The Grid Communities In The United States (And A Couple From Around The World)

What is off the grid living?

Off the grid living means not being connected to a utility company for providing electricity, gas, running water, sewer services. A community of people who choose this lifestyle often joins together in an off the grid community that has access to shared resources like wells or septic tanks with energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines.

What are some benefits of off the grid communities?

Off the grid communities are typically more eco-friendly with money saving possibilities due to shared resources rather than having one’s own traditional utility service connection while still getting more independence than living in an apartment building where one doesn’t have any control. Off the grid communities provide opportunities for meeting new friends and neighbors with similar values while also helping each other out.

What are some off the grid communities in the United States?

The following is a list of 10 off the grid communities worth looking into if you’re considering moving to a different lifestyle: 

1) Camphill Communities 

A type of off-the-grid community that provides housing and work for people with disabilities who typically wouldn’t be able to live on their own. There are five such communities located throughout Pennsylvania and one more just outside New York City. All of these communities rely on organic farming for food, wood heat as well as renewable energy sources like solar panels and water wheels for power.   

2) Black Mountain Center 

An off the grid community located between San Francisco and Los Angeles where self sustainable living is combined with workshops and classes in subjects such as organic farming, permaculture, herbalism and mindfulness.

3) Twin Oaks Community 

This off the grid community in Virginia has been around since 1967 with dozens of different workshops and projects in areas like organic gardening and soap making plus an organic farm that supplies nearly all of their food needs. An estimated 90% of what people within the community need is produced within the community itself.

4) Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage 

A group of forty or so ecologically minded people who live together in a sustainable way while working to create a model for future communities based on permaculture principles. These principles emphasize self-sufficiency with limited environmental impact by means of growing one’s own food, recycling waste products, employing solar power and water harvesting.

5) The Farm 

A off the grid community in Tennessee where vegetarianism is practiced along with other healthy habits like exercise, yoga and meditation. There are plenty of workshops to attend on subjects such as film making, cooking for large groups or how to be more eco-friendly in everyday life. 

6) Earthhaven Ecovillage 

An off the grid community in North Carolina with a focus on permaculture design principles that emphasizes low impact living through growing one’s own food, sustainable energy via solar panels and wind turbines, composting toilets instead of flush toilets while recycling grey water into drinking water. 

7) Green Bank Community 

This off the grid community has been active since 1895 and is located in West Virginia where a strong sense of self-sufficiency means keeping to a vegetarian diet, growing their own food and making their own clothes among other things. 

8) Maitreya Eco Village

Made up of off the grid communities for those interested in permaculture as well as those who are into natural building techniques that could be done without using any power tools. There is free camping as well as workshops available every now and then on topics ranging from meditation to herbalism.

9) Earth Sanctuary 

This community has been around since 1988 with a focus on sustainable living practices based on alternative energy sources like solar panels, passive heating and cooling systems along with composting toilets instead of flush toilets. There are three different off the grid communities located in California and one in Hawaii.

10) Aprovecho Research Center  

This off the grid community has been around since 1988 with a focus on sustainable building practices along with systems for composting toilets, solar power, rainwater harvesting and more. There are plenty of workshops and seminars to attend on topics such as wood heat, green building and organic farming.

What are some off the grid communities from outside of the united states?

There are plenty of off the grid communities located around the world, outside of the ones in the United States. Here is a short list of some of them:

– Tamera – The Tamera community is Portuguese off the grid community where they aim to live in harmony with nature while respecting it by using mostly natural building materials like clay, stone or wood along with solar power for electricity. They also have made efforts to preserve nature by planting trees around the land they live on and protecting local wildlife habitats. Additionally, there are plenty of seminars at Tamera that focus on permaculture principles where visitors can learn how to grow their own food sustainably along with other aspects like recycling water into drinking water. Overall, this off the grid community has a strong focus on providing education surrounding sustainable living practices through sustainable architecture practices while also protecting the environment.

– Gaia’s Ark – An off the grid community in Benin that focuses more on education and sustainable building practices for both households and schools. They use non-motorized transportation systems and try to use as much renewable energy sources as possible. Additionally, they focus on recycling grey water into drinking water along with organic food production which is mainly focused on self sufficiency through crop rotation. Because of their rainwater collection system, people living at Gaia’s Ark are able to recycle old farming methods that were used before there was technology available like using composting toilets instead of flush toilets. Overall, this African off the grid community, has a strong focus on sustainable education surrounding sustainable architecture practices for schools as well as households. 

– The Farm – Located in Australia instead of Tennessee, this place has been around since 1993 uses permaculture principles first discovered at The Farm in America along with other aspects like raising their own food, recycling, using alternative energy sources like wind turbines and solar panels. There is a strong focus on sustainability through recycling grey water into drinking water. 

– Akwesasne – Akwesasne is an off the grid community in Canada focusing on self-sufficiency through permaculture practices like crop rotation while utilizing sustainable architecture systems for energy and water consumption . They aim to live more traditionally by growing their own food, recycling grey water into drinking water, and hunting game along with small game animals. However, one of the main focuses surrounding Akwesasne are their ecologically friendly homes that are built out of wood logs covered in clay with dirt floors. 

– Earthship Community – This off the grid community is located in Greece with a focus on sustainable living practices like solar power, rainwater harvesting and composting toilets along with natural building techniques. The Earthship Community in Greece aims to use electricity from solar panels combined with rainwater harvesting where they recycle grey water into drinking water along with composting toilets. The main focus surrounding these self-sufficient homes is their unique way of utilizing universal concepts such as thermal mass, super insulation , passive solar heating and cooling, and integrated aquaponics .

– Findhorn Ecovillage – The Findhorn Ecovillage is an off the grid community in Scotland that implements sustainable architecture and urban planning, organic gardening, renewable energy , and resource sharing . Because of their location near the coast, they work together with other members of their global community to implement sustainable seafood, education surrounding sustainability , and reducing the impact of climate change . One of Findhorns’s main focuses surrounding sustainable living is their belief in food as medicine providing residents with herbal remedies and homeopathic treatments for both humans and animals alike.

Closing Thoughts

An off the grid community is a group or settlement that has chosen to live apart from the wider world in terms of technology and connection with modern society. They typically enjoy self-sufficient lifestyles where they manage their own water supply, sewage treatment and food needs either through agriculture or by foraging for wild plants. Many of these communities will have an off the grid currency so they don’t need to use money from mainstream society which makes it easier for them to go completely off the grid. They focus on sustainable living practices like growing one’s own food and recycling everything possible along with alternative energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines and water power. The main benefit of living off the grid is the freedom and self-sufficiency to do what you want without government interference or reliance on society. There are tons of off the grid communities for those who like to live outside modern life as listed in this article.


What is an off grid community?

An off the grid community is an intentional or non-intentional community that works together to create sustainable living systems for themselves by minimizing their impact on the environment around them through implementing renewable energy along with recycling grey water into drinking water.

Is it illegal to live off the grid in the United States?

No, it is not. However, there are some situations where off the grid living is illegal based on the local laws surrounding the area. For example, in order to get an outdoor water source like a well or pond you would need to meet certain regulation standards for things like depth and distance from other dwellings . 

Where can you live off grid for free?

There are some places that offer free land for those who wish to live off grid, but it is extremely difficult and they will pay you very little attention. 

– The Akwesasne Community in Canada is highly encouraged as they have eco-villages which you can be a part of. They also use permaculture techniques so their community is very sustainable.

– The Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland has similar building techniques as the Akwesasne Community which uses recycled material for homes and a strong focus on permaculture practices.

– While you cannot live off grid for free, the Earthship Community in Greece offers courses that will teach you how to live off grid for free. They also offer courses on how to build your own off grid home.

– The Earthship Community in Taos, New Mexico also offers courses like the Earth ship community in Greece that will teach you how to build your own off grid home and use renewable energy sources effectively.

What states let you live off the grid? 

All fifty states are considered to be off the grid friendly, however, certain cities in some states may have specific ordinances surrounding off the grid living. 

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