2008 August | SIMA

The evenings are getting cooler, which means that fall is just around the corner. It can’t get here soon enough! When it does, I want to wrap myself up in this shawl. (via Bliss)

I love the idea of tea towels, but I’ve heard they aren’t as absorbant as regular terrycloth dish towels. So besides looking lovely in the kitchen, what’s the point of tea towels? (via More Ways to Waste Time)

If I had a staircase I’d seriously consider wallpapering it. (via sfgirlbybay)

Check out these checkbook ledgers made from extra OrangeBeautiful Cash Money prints. So clever! (via the SCOOP)

It’s been a couple of years since Carrie Bradshaw made the horseshoe necklace trendy, but I’d still wear this one by Melanie Favreau. (via Supermarket)

These handmade, gold-lipped ceramic dishes by Susan Dwyer of up in the air somewhere are not only beautiful, they’re affordable. I’d use them to hold my rings or other small pieces of jewelry I wear on a regular basis. (via Design*Sponge)

Finally, it’s time to start thinking about packing for the honeymoon. J makes fun of me because I always try on all of my outfits before they make it into the suitcase, but that’s how I roll! (via What I Wore) 

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend! 

I love this leather jacket by Katy Rodriguez, which was featured in today’s DailyCandy email. Sadly, even with DailyCandy’s twenty percent off discount, it is still way out of my price range.

I’m also drooling over Matt Bernson’s patent-leather riding boots from the September 2008 issue of Real Simple (page 225). I’ve been scouring the ‘net for them but can’t seem to find ‘em. Every online shop I’ve visited only has Matt’s gladiator sandals and other Spring 2008 shoes. I’ll love you forever if you can find them for me. (No, I can’t afford them either, but a girl can dream, can’t she?)

PS – What did you think of last night’s Project Runway?

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Last night I went to the ER with cramps in my lower right abdomen. Five hours later I was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. However, the experience wasn’t a total waste of time. After bloodwork and a CT scan confirmed that the pain it wasn’t appendicitis or anything having to do with my liver or gallblatter, I had a sonogram to check for ovarian cysts. Why am I telling you this? Because not only are my ovaries completely healthy, they are also perfectly sized and placed, according to the tech. Usually one ovary is larger or sits higher than the other, but my reproductive organs look exactly like they do in the textbooks–and apparently that is uncommon.

I’m so proud of my ovaries. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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Dear Friends,

I’m looking for a comfortable yet stylish pair of shoes to wear on my honeymoon next month. My plan is to wear some sort of sundress or skirt/top every day (aka NOT look like an American tourist in Italy), so I need something equally cute for my feet (which are terribly long and narrow). Any ideas?

Love PJ