2009 December | Somewhere in Middle America

I’m a bad fur-mommy. I’ve forced my pup to poop in the house the past two days because it’s just too cold outside to take him on a proper walk. Yes, I could let him romp around the backyard unattended (after all, that is why we built the fence), but a) I’m too paranoid (He’s white, just like the snow. What if I lose him?) and b) it’s too frigid for him to be out for an extended period. Just minutes into our morning excursion he was hunched over and shivering. I even had him bundled up in a fleece jacket. If he didn’t like the snow so much maybe he’d do his business quickly, but he loves to jump on top of the snow banks and crawl through the white powder. In Briscoe’s mind, snow is for playing, not for pooping.

After the first snowfall of the season Sunday, Omaha is being hit again, this time by a severe storm, possibly a blizzard. I flew in from Chicago Sunday evening (more on my trip later) and was terrified to drive home from the airport in just 2-3 inches of snow. I was literally crawling on I-80, going 30-40 mph. Now we’re expected to receive 7-9 inches by Wednesday morning. I’m going to trapped in my house until the weekend! I am not cut out for Winter-weather driving. Yes, we had snow in New Jersey, but when I was growing up I didn’t have to drive in it. And when I was in school in Boston, I could take public transportation when the weather was treacherous. After college, when I lived in DC, the city basically shut down at the first glimpse of a snowflake, so I didn’t have to worry about driving anywhere. But Omaha is a different beast. Two years ago I got into my very first car accident because of slick, snowy roads. Yes, snow can be beautiful, but it also scares the bejeezus out of me!

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A light flurry of snow whizzed past me as I was walking Briscoe this morning. The first flurry of the season. The weatherman said that it felt like it was 8 degrees outside. I believe it. Brr!

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Australia’s favorite chocolate cookie — and mine! — are making their American debut courtsey of Pepperidge Farm. However, if you’re lucky enough to have a World Market in your town, you can find the original Arnott’s version in the international food department.