2010 April | Somewhere in Middle America

I’m not typically drawn to the masculine color scheme of this room at the Chancellor Hotel in San Francisco, but I rather like it. I’d even consider redecorating my bedroom one day in a similar fashion. The pattern on the valance and the stark white bedding add to the room’s preppy charm.

PS – I heart San Francisco.

(image via Jagger Photography)

If you were as obsessed with the tween book series “The Baby-Sitters Club” by Ann M. Martin as I was growing up, you probably also watched the terribly cheesy TV adaptation starring absolutely nobody famous.

In honor of the new BSC prequel by Martin, Lemondrop dug up some clips from the TV show and found one featuring guest star ZACH BRAFF as Dawn’s potential love interest. I pinky swear that I recognize his character, but I can’t remember if my 10-year-old self thought he was cute. At the time it probably didn’t matter because Dawn’s character was one of my least favorite (I was never what you’d call a “hippie”), and I didn’t really care what happened to her. I was definitely more of a Stacey and or a Claudia. Who was your favorite BSC member?

And how many of you tried to start your own baby-sitters club? You can bet that my friends and I did, sticking fliers in neighborhood mailboxes, although I don’t think we ever got any jobs.

My sister is getting married Memorial Day weekend, and I need to start thinking about how I want to wear my hair. (I was hoping that the Oscars last month would’ve provided some red carpet inspiration, but, alas, it didn’t.) I’m currently obsessed with this updo — those bangs! that red hair! I won’t be dyeing my hair for the occasion (although red hair would be a lovely contrast to the navy halter-neck I’ll be wearing), but perhaps I could get blunt bangs and pile the rest of my hair into a big poof.

(via Mint)