2011 resolutions and goals | SIMA

Back in 2009, I came up with eight non-resolutions for the new year, some of which I’m still working on, but I can’t remember if I made resolutions in 2010. If I did, I didn’t share them on the blog.

Since I feel as though I didn’t accomplish much in 2010, I decided I would come up with a short list of goals I’d like to achieve in 2011 and make them public to create a sense of accountability. So here they are, in order from most tangible to least tangible:

Do cardio at least three times per week

Learn how to play poker

Order my wedding photo album

Create albums of digital photos I’ve taken the past couple of years

Eat more fresh fruit

Wear bright colors on gloomy days

Learn how to meditate

Step out of my comfort zone more often

Quit comparing myself to other people

What are your 2011 resolutions? Are they actionable items or more abstract intentions? What can we do to help each other achieve our goals?

(image via idea-obscura)