a doggie do? | Somewhere in Middle America

My childhood dog, a Bichon Frise named Timmy (short for Princess Tiara’s Tiny Tim*), loved to chew pig ears and cattle hooves. When we first got Briscoe, I asked the vet about those, um, delicacies, and he told us not to let Briscoe have them… but I can’t remember why. So occasionally I’ll give B a flat rawhide strip because those seem safe, but he eats them up pretty quickly. There have got to be other varieties of bones he can gnaw on for longer.

Do you let your dog chew on bones? What type do you give your pup? Specifically, I’m wondering if rawhide bones or the hollow ones filled with peanut butter or “meat” are safe.

I also think it’s about time Briscoe got a new collar. Unlike some of his furry friends, he wears his 24-7, and it’s getting a bit grungy. Plus, with Fall around the corner (yes, I’m dreaming about cooler weather already), his “wardrobe” could use a change.

I’d love to get him a fun collar from a local designer or Etsy seller; the ones they have at Petco are pretty blah. Any recommendations?

* Timmy was already named when he picked him up from the breeder. His parents were show dogs (his mom was Princess Tiara) and he was the runt of the litter, hence the name Princess Tiara’s Tiny Tim.