american photo’s top wedding photographer | Somewhere in Middle America

I was excited to learn that my wedding photographer, Heather Waraska, was named one of American Photo‘s Top Wedding Photographers of 2009 — and extremely surprised to see my portrait (above) included in her portfolio slideshow! It’s a beautifully artistic and intense photograph, but I don’t really think it looks like me!

Because of his deployments, J and I are a little bit behind in ordering our wedding album… and engagement album, the photos for which were taken over one year ago. My bridal shower also took place over a year ago, and in about a month, J and I will be celebrating our first wedding anniversary. It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since these milestones in my life. I remember them like they just happened. As time passes, I hope the memories of all of these wedding-related events stay as strong in my mind as they are now. (Of course, having those photo albums would help tremendously!)