briscoe meets the dog park | SIMA

On Saturday, Briscoe experienced his first taste of the dog park. The temperature was creeping its way into the 50s, the sun was shining and the grassy field was a mud pit. Briscoe, with the speed and stride of a young rabbit, thoroughly enjoyed playing tag with his doggie friends, including Miss Lola (2nd dog from the right), who I was counting on to show Briscoe the ropes.

Of course I played the part of nervous mother, getting anxious every time Briscoe ran close to the fence (what if he escaped?) or didn’t make his way back to me when called (why doesn’t he listen?). I also assumed the role of human doormat; my jeans were covered in muddy pawprints from all the excited and jumpy dogs in the park. Poor Briscoe was covered in mud. He was more brown than white by the time we were ready to leave. Naturally, I had the pleasure of bathing him all by myself when we returned home, as J was attending a work function. Now the bathtub needs a bath…

“Can I have some water, please? Thanks!”