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Do you ever wear a robe?

I’m in the market for a new bathrobe, something to wear while I do my hair and makeup after my shower/before I get dressed and at night over my pajamas. But I’m not sure what type to get — terrycloth, cotton or fleece. What do you recommend?

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We had our mail held at the Post Office while we were on our honeymoon, and I picked up this enormous pile from them on Monday. There were a couple of magazines (really, did Lucky HAVE to put Jessica Simpson on the cover?), some large envelopes containing information about our new house, bills (of course) and, to my delight, this!

Thank you Andy, Micah and Nick for my free t-shirt!  I promise to wear it all over town. I love that my idea for an Omaha city shirt actually came to fruition and hope that you get lots of orders from my fellow Omahans.

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As soon as I saw this t-shirt on A Cup of Jo, I knew I had to have it. I love the slogan, the color and its worn-in look.

The catch: Obama is not my husband’s candidate of choice (to be fair, McCain may not be either), so to purchase something political with our money just didn’t seem fair.

The solution: Ask my very liberal father to buy it for me.

He did! Thanks, dad.

Update: I just came across this 5×7 print on the Scoop. Dad?

My friend Nick from Campfire totally came through for me. He took my idea for an Omaha t-shirt for their City Series, ran with it, improved it and made it happen. City of Grade A. Brilliant.

Get yours now.

Thanks, Nick!

Do I need a pair of white jeans this summer? White pants have always scared me; I’ve always been afraid of sitting on something nasty or spilling something on myself. But they’re so chic. And I suppose bleach can take care of any stains or spots I might acquire, right? (Though bleach has always scared me a little bit, too.)

Your thoughts on white jeans?

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