Deployments | SIMA

I just returned home from dropping J off at base. Within the hour he’ll be heading out on his next deployment. Even though he’ll only be gone for 30 days, knowing that didn’t make saying goodbye any easier. The experience felt exactly the same as it did the last two times he deployed, when he was away for 60+ days each.

I know this deployment will be different, though. Not only will we be apart for a shorter amount of time, but it’s Spring in Omaha! It was Winter when he was last gone, and the cold days and dark afternoons made me feel even more lonely. The weather definitely kept me in the house. I know that the change in season will have a postive effect on my mood.

Also, I’m now working part time at Trocadero in the Old Market. During his last deployment I spent nearly every day home alone attempting to be a freelance writer. I was a hermit. This time, though, I’ll be surrounded by extremely fun, social people a couple of days a week with whom I’ll be able to grab a drink or dinner after work.

The key, I’ve learned, is to keep busy. To fill my calendar with events to look forward to attending, including trips to the movies, afternoons at the dog park, training appointments at the gym and dinner dates with friends. I also imagine I’ll be posting more frequently as I’ll have more time on my hands. Lucky you!

Sadly, I also had to say au revoir to my (well, technically “our”) Canon Rebel XTi. I let J take it with him because he’ll be in a place where he can probably do some sightseeing. I’ve gotten used to practicing my photography every day and proudly posting my pictures on the blog. I still have my point-and-shoot Sony, so the blog won’t be totaly absent of personal photography, but it won’t be the same — for me, that is.

For those of you who have offered words of support on Twitter or in person, thank you again. I honestly will not get through this next month without you.

And for those of you whose loved ones are on longer deployments, please know that my thoughts are with you.

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