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Earlier this Spring, there were beautiful tulips. Now we have white and pink and yellow flowers blooming in front of our house. I love how they seemed to have appeared out of nowhere so late in the season.

And now a lighthearted post after yesterday’s heavy-duty introspection.

It’s not just the flowers in my yard that are beginning to bloom; several trees are producing beautiful pink and purple blossoms. It makes me sad that the colors are so transient. I imagine that soon they will give way to green leaves that will shade my lawn.

First there was a daffodil. Now we have a tulip. I suppose I should start calling what we’ve got going in front of the house a garden, as the definition of a garden is “a plot of ground, usually near a house, where flowers, shrubs, vegetables, fruits, or herbs are cultivated.” I always considered plant life in front of a house to be “landscaping.” In my mind, “gardens” looked more like these:

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Look what I found growing in front of my house today! My first daffodil. I wonder what other bulbs will be blooming as the weather gets warmer.

I spy something yellow! Two tiny yellow flowers in front of my house caught my eye as I was walking the dog this afternoon. But what are they? Any ideas?