guess who’s playing radio city? | Somewhere in Middle America

I’ve gotta take a moment to brag about my brother-in-law. After a grueling and emotionally exhausting audition process, he just earned a spot in the orchestra for the renowned Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Yay, V!

Although I grew up outside of New  York City, I’ve never seen the Rockettes perform. I know that the Rockettes are an institution, but, for my Jewish family, the Christmas Spectacular was never at the top of our list of shows to see (and we’ve seen a lot of Broadway musicals). I wonder why? Hmm…

So 2010 is the year I will finally see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and I’m can’t wait. I asked my BIL if he would play a wrong note very loudly so I could pick him out of the pit, but I don’t think he’ll oblige.

Have you seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes?

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