in need of landscaping help | SIMA

I love my house, but I’m not so fond of the landscaping. I believe the majority of the plants are Hostas. I don’t have anything against Hostas, but I think the front of the house needs shrubs or bushes with more height. Right now it just looks so sparse.

What do you think? We’re not in a position to hire a landscaper, so if my husband and I want to make any changes, we’ll have to buy some gardening tools and get down and dirty ourselves. Unfortunately, I have a brown thumb. I can’t keep simple houseplants alive. Can I really trust myself to landscape the front of my house?

If you have experience gardening or landscaping, I’d love to get your advice. What type of shrubs, flowers or bushes do you think would look best outside my house? What are the easiest to plant?

And if anybody would like to Photoshop some plants outside my house a la Making it Lovely, please feel free! I desperately need some help!