keep calm and rock on | Somewhere in Middle America

Friday night a group of us celebrated a friend’s birthday by drinking like we were back in college and then playing hours of Rock Band at her place after leaving the bar. There’s nothing quite like being intoxicated and jumping around on your friend’s sofa while rocking out on bass.

For us Rock Band and Guitar Hero enthusiasts, The Poster List has created a new poster — “Keep Calm and Rock On,” their take on everyone’s favorite “Keep Calm and Carry On” poster. (OK, so maybe they didn’t have video game addicts on their mind when they designed their latest poster, but I think it’s super appropriate.)

Like all their posters, “Keep Calm and Rock On” is printed with 100% vegetable ink on organic acid free paper. Plus, for the next two weeks, you can buy 2 posters for $20. That’s one for you, and one for me. I’ll take yellow, please.