let’s talk business | SIMA

J worked on Sunday, so he had today off, which allowed us to get some work done for the business. We signed some important papers at the bank and had a long conversation over the phone with one of our vendors. We even had time to check out the new Blackberry Tour for Verizon, which I desperately want even though it wouldn’t be used solely for business. J also took a liking to the Tour and may FINALLY leave AT&T for Verizon–thank goodness! AT&T’s reception is so poor that he can barely use his cell phone in the house. How ridiculous is that?!

Of course I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I’m stressing a little bit over the business. What if I have no customers? I’m in the midst of planning to do some advertising and playing around with some marketing ideas, but what if I build it and they don’t come?

I’m also finding it hard to manage two blogs. The Social Life of Paper needs daily watering in order for it to blossom, which means that at times I feel like I’m neglecting Somewhere in Middle America. Call it writer’s block, call it laziness, call it exhaustion. Maybe it’s all three of those things.

If anybody has any words of wisdom to share on starting a small business or on keeping more than one blog alive and well, I’m all ears!

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