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Could this past week have been any hotter? It was literally 105 degrees in Omaha on Wednesday, and breathing outside was actually difficult. I’m jealous of the couple in the photo above, who look like they’re about to jump into that dazzling aquamarine water.

Some faves from around the web:

Ugly scarf, beautiful model. Does she look familiar? Hint: ‘Mad Men’ season 4 premieres July 25 on AMC. (via Jezebel)

I’ve always loved the idea of hanging decorative plates. This wallpaper would be a lot easier.

Now I know what to get my pregnant friends.

The toothpaste that prevents the “you squeeze the wrong end of the tube!” quarrels.

I love the wall of dreams.

Learn how to cuss like a Brit — “Stupid Old Wanker!” – with this Periodic Table of Swearing. (via Miss Jane)

Simple and refined summer style.

I’ll be you’ve never made an omelet like this. Or have you? Let me know!

An Almond Joy milkshake sounds delish, but I’d love to try a Baby Ruth one. Give it a try, Spike!

I’m going to attempt to hit up the Farmer’s Market tomorrow if it’s not too hot and/or thunderstorm-y. I’d also like to catch either ‘Solitary Man’ at the Dundee Theater or ‘Cyrus’ at Filmstreams. What are your weekend plans?

(image by Julie Chamton, via)