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What are your big plans for the holiday weekend? My mom and grandma are coming to keep me company for a couple of days, and I’ve been brainstorming outdoor activities and short day trips for us. A no-brainer would be for us to watch the fireworks on Sunday, but I the city of Omaha puts on their show tonight. Now that doesn’t make very much sense!

Anyway, have a safe and happy 4th of July!

I wish I had a big family so that we could have a reunion and make awesome screenprinted t-shirts (among other reasons).

Donate a dollar (or more!) to Camp PALS, a week-long overnight summer camp for young adults with Down Syndrome (via My Coney).

Can I please have a 30th Balloon Party when I turn 31? I would like to celebrate having survived 30–so far it’s not as terrible as I had imagined.

This printable list will come in handy as I plan my next project: redecorating my bedroom.

Let the best stop-motion commercial battle begin! Goody Simple Styles vs. Amazon Kindle.

If I had something meaningful to say or a life-altering mantra to remember, this would be how I’d express myself.

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