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Readers, I received a lovely email from Rebecca at Living Social letting me know about today’s amazing deal – 50% off a Shellac manicure at Kathryn’s Nails. Rebecca discovered Shellac after reading about it right here on Somewhere in Middle America! I’m honored that my blog influenced her to suggest the long-lasting manicure as a Living Social “destination.”

If you haven’t tried a Shellac manicure yet, I encourage you to head over to Living Social and take part in today’s deal… then come back here and let me know what you think!

The fine print: I am not getting compensated in any way by Living Social for writing about them or the Shellac manicure deal at Kathryn’s nails.

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Two week ago I got a CND Shellac manicure, and I have to say, I’m a believer. It’s still just as shiny as it was on day one, but it didn’t stay chip-free for a full 14 days. By day 11 I noticed wear and tear along the tips and near my cuticle; you could tell where it was starting to grow out. Yesterday the polish on my right hand started peeling in a couple of places, and once it did, I couldn’t help myself… I had to pick at it. The polish on my left hand, though, stayed pretty much intact, except for a chip on my middle finger. I’m right-handed, so perhaps that’s why my left hand looks better.

This afternoon I’m heading back to the salon to have the gel-polish hybrid removed and a new color applied. But which color to choose…