my anthropologie purchases | Somewhere in Middle America

What did I buy at Anthropologie this weekend?

This decorative dessert plate with an initial that’s important to me. I’d love to hang it with some other small plates I’ve purchased from Anthropologie in the past, maybe in my kitchen above the sink.

Here’s the inspiration:

Lisa Congdon’s kitchen via Flickr – I love the organic flow of the design

Ugly is Pretty was also inspired by Lisa – great layout

I also bought this ceramic egg crate. When I first showed Jamie my find, she questioned what I’d do with it. “Use it to store my rings!” I replied enthusiastically. I don’t know who would actually use it to store eggs; I think it makes a splendid jewelry holder.

Lest you think I only bought housewares, I also purchased a Plenty by Tracy Reese short-sleeved wrap shirt that was on sale from $218 to $49.95.

If you’ve used plates as art, I’d love to see your photos!