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Props to my dad for sharing this video from Fight Back NY.

It’s 2010. Why are our lawmakers still voting against equality?

I’ve gotta take a moment to brag about my brother-in-law. After a grueling and emotionally exhausting audition process, he just earned a spot in the orchestra for the renowned Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Yay, V!

Although I grew up outside of New  York City, I’ve never seen the Rockettes perform. I know that the Rockettes are an institution, but, for my Jewish family, the Christmas Spectacular was never at the top of our list of shows to see (and we’ve seen a lot of Broadway musicals). I wonder why? Hmm…

So 2010 is the year I will finally see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, and I’m can’t wait. I asked my BIL if he would play a wrong note very loudly so I could pick him out of the pit, but I don’t think he’ll oblige.

Have you seen the Radio City Christmas Spectacular featuring The Rockettes?

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I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for summer to end. It’s just been too dang hot, and the sooner it transitions to fall, the sooner I can start taking Briscoe on long neighborhood walks, the sooner my hair will stop frizzing, the sooner I can take photos outside without my camera lens fogging up and the sooner J returns home from his deployment. Really, J’s return is what I care about the most. It’s been a LONG (hot) summer without him.

What are your weekend plans? On Sunday we’re celebrating my friend L’s 30th birthday with brunch at The Woodcliff Restaurant in Freemont. I can personally attest to the fact that 30 is not as bad as people make it seem — or as I believed it would be. Actually, I will be turning 30 and A HALF in just over a month. Woot for making it almost halfway!

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One day I will have so many shoes that it will take me an entire afternoon to organize my designated shoe closet.

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PS – Happy Friday the 13th!

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Do you enjoy musicals about puberty, masturbation, sex, abortions, suicide and rebellion? Then get yourself tickets to see “Spring Awakening” on Broadway before it closes on Sunday!

My sister and I saw the show last night from the first row in the mezzanine. While the story was dark, the music was energetic, and the young actors were absolutely brilliant. I can’t even imagine what it must have been like with the original cast, who I heard were a bit older than the current cast and had stronger voices.

As part of the new cast, Hunter Parrish, one of Mary-Louise Parker’s sons on Showtime’s “Weeds,” plays Melchior, one of the leads, and, despite having a hard time with some of the high notes, is wonderfully convincing in the part. Doesn’t hurt that he’s also extremely pleasing on the eyes… (But he’s so young! Stop it!)

And some trivia for you: The actress who plays the lead female’s best friend is originally from Nebraska.

Tuesday was my last day of work. The girls in my department took me out to lunch at Blue Ribbon Bakery, where I ordered my usual: tomato soup and a BLT. Of course we all ate lots and lots of bread. I realized that I’m going to miss coming into the office every day. While I might not miss the work, I’m definitely going to miss the people. Who knows when I’m going to see them again? I’m going to do my very best to stay in touch with many of my former co-workers, like Katie (who can related to all the big changes in my life), Rachel (who was seriously the best boss I’ve ever had — in my exit interview I told HR that they should reward with a big fat raise), and the rest of the publicity team.

After work I met Em for our last Tuesday night movie. We saw Waitress at the Clearview Cinema in Chelsea. The film had gotten rave reviews, and we were both looking forward to watching what we thought was supposed to be a light-hearted, up-lifting movie. Not only was it slow, it was depressing! Keri Russell was lovely to watch on screen, but her character just angered me the entire time. I understand that we were supposed to sympathize with her, but I couldn’t feel anything but frustration towards her. I have a hard time watching a movie where the main character is “trapped” in a bad marriage. There’s no such thing as being trapped in a bad marriage! Just leave! Get out! Ugg… But Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Shelly’s characters were quite enjoyable, as was watching Andy Griffin.

Yesterday I went back into the city after spending the night in NJ to run a few errands. I had some final doctor appointments, stopped by the apartment to pick up my mail, went to the post office to change my address, and got a pedicure at Dashing Diva (they do such good pedicures — and you know that you aren’t going to get any icky toe nail fungus because they are so clean). I also got to say goodbye to Jenna in person; we ran into each other on the street near the apartment. She was such a great roommate. I’m really going to miss living with her.