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Mucca Pazza, a self-described “circus punk marching band,” performed Sunday afternoon at the Renegade Craft Fair, and the majority of their performance took place directly in front of the CraftStylish booth. Talk about great publicity! Here are some photos I took:

(photo taken from our booth — check out Michaela in the yellow shirt and greenish skirt)

I really don’t know how to describe Mucca Pazza’s sound. Imagine if a marching band was high on Red Bull and playing tunes with a little more funk than you’d expect. Nah, I’m not even sure that’s a good description. Why don’t you check them out for yourselves here:


You didn’t think I’d only write about paper, did you? I made sure to check out every booth at the Renegade Craft Fair, and the range of merchandise for sale was expansive. Here are some of the vendors who impressed me:


HannahMade makes gorgeous jewelry, including some of the prettiest beaded earrings I’ve seen in a long time. The problem I have with beaded earrings is that I look at most of them and think, “I could do that!” But HannahMade’s earrings, though simple in design, have this complexity to them. Because I couldn’t decide between three pairs, including this one, I chose the Open Heart Pendant above. This necklace, from her Etsy store, is silver, but mine is gold-plated, and I love it.

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Rock Scissor Paper was another one of the biggies I was looking forward to checking out at the Renegade Craft Fair. Sisters Heidi and Susie had one of the most brightly colored booths in the pavilion–and it was constantly crowded with eager shoppers. Their paper goods are so cheerful, as are they. I really enjoyed chatting with them about my store, and, wouldn’t you know, they were the first to send me a wholesale catalog when I returned back to Omaha! That really made my day.

Jessica bought one of their birthday calendars. I almost did too, but then I thought that perhaps Jessica might like to give it to me as a gift sometime…

Here are some things from the Rock Paper Scissor website that make me happy, including the Wild Words Perpetual Birthday Calendar.

photo by me

I hadn’t heard of Pinkie Paper before the Renegade Craft Fair, but I was very happy to have discovered Maria and her amusing line of greeting cards. All of her work is printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and envelopes and feature simple yet charming illustrations. I bought a card for J that I know he is going to love, but, again, I can’t show you because it’ll ruin the surprise. Sorry!

However, I can show you these cards, which I also loved and are available on her website. Although there is not an online shopping component to the site yet, Maria is graciously offering free shipping if you send her an email with your order. Each card is $3, and if you buy five you’ll get the sixth one free.


(image source)

InvitaPaperStudio has long been a favorite of mine of Etsy, and I was excited to be able to see Adriana’s gorgeous collection of greeting cards and paper goods in person.

Although I’ve been lusting over these Mixed Tape cards for a very long time and almost bought them at the Renegade Craft Fair, I fell in love with the colors and pattern of these cards and had to purchase them immediately.

(my photo)

I became slightly obsessed with the idea of cake stands when I began registering for my wedding. This birthday card is available on Etsy. How adorable is it?! If I had seen it at the fair, I would’ve grabbed one!

(image source)