sara of party perfect’s inspiration books | SIMA

I love the idea of collecting magazine images in inspiration books, gluing them into the pages of over-sized sketchbooks like these. The reason I don’t do this myself is because a) there are some magazines I just can’t bear to tear and b) I’d probably drive myself crazy trying to separate images by context — kitchen, living room, bedroom, fashion, etc. In my mind, being organized means creating categories for things. Too bad I don’t live by my overly strict rules! My house would be the epitome of organized.

Maybe I could be like Sara of Party Perfect, the creator of these inspiration books, if I could just get over the hump and give in to mixing and matching the pages of magazines into one book. Right now all of my tearsheets are sitting in a heap in my office.

How do you feel about tearing pages out of magazines? Where do you store your inspirational images?

(via Simple Lovely)