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One of my goals for the summer to start practicing yoga regularly. Currently I do sun salutations and other pretzel-like poses… never. I have a couple of 10-year-old yoga DVDs gathering dust in my basement; I’m not disciplined enough to workout at home. I prefer working out with an instructor or trainer who can interact with me and adjust my posture or push me through my last set of reps. There’s also something to be said for making the commitment to getting dressed, starting your car and driving to the gym.

That’s why I’m currently in the market for a yoga studio in Omaha. I’ve been perusing the schedules at Lotus House of Yoga, One Tree Yoga, Omaha Yoga School and Omaha Yoga & Bodywork Center to see what classes look interesting. Although my schedule is pretty open (I only work out of the house three days a week), I’ve been having a hard time finding an appropriate level class at a time that is good for me. Plus, there are some classes that I refuse to take, like Bikram. I hate being sweaty.

Have any of my Omaha-based readers taken a class at any of the above-mentioned studios? I would love some recommendations. How about the rest of you? Where do you practice yoga?

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