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Every Monday, Moontree Letterpress has a six-word story contest on their blog. This week’s topic was “Words of Advice,” and the prize was 50 custom business or calling cards.

I love letterpress anything, so I decided to enter. There were 25 entries… and mine was chosen as the winning submission! Can you believe it?

My piece of advice was always save room for ice cream.

What are the best words of advice you’ve ever received?

OrangeBeautiful is having a fantastic sale on their screen-printed holiday cards — packs of 6 for $10. Check them all out at their Etsy shop here.

(images via OrangeBeautiful)

Poppytalk’s 2008 Holiday Card Guide features some really beautiful work. I particularly love Chick Print‘s Custom Silhouette Ornament Card.

But where are the Hanukkah cards? Granted, the Jewish holiday isn’t a major one like Christmas, but it’s been built up because it falls during the “holiday season.”

I decide to do a quick search for cute Hanukkah cards. ‘Tis the season (almost)!

Handprinted Hanukkah card by desTroy

Letterpress Hanukkah card by Anemone Letterpress

Letterpress Hanukkah card by Flora and Fauna Press

Blue Mini Hanukkah Hand Printed cards by YeeHaw

Perhaps Poppytalk will cover Hanukkah in Part 2 of the Holiday Card Guide…

(sorry my formatting is all messed up. don’t know how to fix it!)

Life would be much less stressful if my To Do list only had one item on it…  

(via the SCOOP)

I didn’t blog about orangebeautiful’s Motivate Prints because everybody already had. Now, nearly sold out of the full-size versions, OB has created these Motivate Booklets using the same four designs: Do Something About It, Get On With It Already, Quit Your Belly-Aching and Get Your Sh*t Together. Use them to jot down ideas or to-do lists and stay motivated on the go.

The OB girls are so resourceful; I love how they used slightly imperfect prints from past limited edition runs to make additional booklets, like the ones made from their 3rd Anniversary Print (which I own).