the perfect aquamarine ring | SIMA

Today I’m officially 30-and-a-half, so I figure it’s time I gave some serious thought to my belated birthday gift. I’m owed a 30th birthday gift because I wasn’t sure what to ask for when I hit the milestone in March, but I realized over the summer that I’d really like an aquamarine ring to mark the occasion. Clearly, this isn’t a new idea, as I also wanted a piece of jewelry with my birthstone for my 29th birthday. Needless to say, I didn’t get it. (Ahem, husband. You read the blog, right?)

This year, however, I prefer a chunky cocktail ring rather than a set of simple stacking rings that I would wear everyday on my right hand. I’m totally obsessing over this amethyst Marco Bicego Jaipur ring. I love the textured band, which almost looks like faux bois. I was told it comes in blue topaz which looks like aquamarine (kind of), but I can’t find an image online. Unfortunately, it’s way out of our price range…and it’s not aquamarine.

My second favorite ring is this Conroy & Wilcox 18K aquamarine ring. The organic rough-and-tumbled look of the stone makes it casual, yet the size of it makes it a statement piece. But, alas, it’s also way too expensive.

After an extensive search on Etsy for a more affordable aquamarine ring, I stumbled upon Garnet Girl Designs. Her 14K Rock Fetish aquamarine ring might be the perfect compromise. I love the matte finish of the band and the large faceted stone. However, I worry that the color of the aquamarine may not be as intense a shade of blue as I would want, especially since I can’t see it in person before buying. But, the bluer the stone, the higher the price, so I may just have to settle for a paler aquamarine.

I suppose an alternative option would be to buy a loose aquamarine stone and commission somebody to build a ring around it. I wonder how much it would cost to go down that route…

Some of my friends hate their birthstone (hey, J & L, there’s nothing wrong with peridot!), but I love mine…I just don’t love how expensive it is!

How do you feel about your birthstone? Would you want a piece of jewelry with your birthstone in it?