untamed, bohemian and effortless | SIMA

On Sunday’s episode of “Design Star,” the challenge was to design a room in a glass house based off the type of show the contestants would like to host on HGTV. Prop stylist Emily Henderson, a fan favorite, explained that her show would take a client’s personal fashion style and translate it into a room. She wants us to dress our rooms like we dress ourselves. Sounds awfully similar to Thom Filicia’s “Dress My Nest…”

But that’s not the point. The point is that Emily has a great sense of personal style (see below). She described her look as “untamed, bohemian and effortless “  and threw around words like natural and organic, all of which were reflected in the sophisticated yet playful living room she designed (see above).

In my dreams I dress “untamed, bohemian and effortless” like Emily (although I sort of see her as trendy/preppy/hippie… or whatever style Anthropologie is).  In real life I dress… well, I’m not sure. I feel like my style changes on a daily basis. Some days I dress more on the conservative side. Sometimes I play with color and prints. Most days I wear my hair straight, but sometimes I leave it wavy/curly. And on certain occasions I use my full name rather than my nickname, PJ. It’s like I haven’t decided who I am.

I would love to work with a stylist to help me define who I am on the outside (I’m still working on the inside part) like Abbey did earlier this year.  She hired Stephanie Madewell to rebuild her wardrobe post-baby, as she was adjusting to her new role as mommy. I would love to find somebody who can transform me into my most authentic — and stylish — self. Know anybody?

(images via HGTV.com)