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Wexford Girl‘s interpretation of a Daily Candy email newsletter is spot-on and very funny.

(image via Daily Candy)

I wish my handwritten script looked liked Laura’s from the SCOOP.

(via the SCOOP)

What a great way to learn your alphabet… and your designers.

(via Sacrebleu!!)

The leaves are beginning to change color in Omaha, but they don’t look anything like they did back East… or like these beautiful greeting cards by Dingbat Press.

(via The Speckled Egg)

This is how I feel trying to pick colors for the new house — there are too many options!

(via Katy Elliott)

I love the combination of colors in this Sarajo Frieden collage.

(via More Ways to Waste Time)

These gorgeous LIT lampshades are custom-made using wallpaper, textiles and letterpress paper. I wish they had some ready-made ones available on their website for those of us without the money for custom shades. (via Design*Sponge)

If I were to write an entire post on 2009 calendars that I love, it would definitely include this desktop one by Michelle Brusegaard.

One word: Wow! (via coco+kelley)

I think the tripod legs on these ceramic bowls are adorable. I have a thing for simplistic white ceramics–so versatile! (via More Ways to Waste Time)

Like Jane, I’m not a stamper (though I have friends who are), but if I were, I’d definitely buy some from good-ness. I’d probably start with a box of large alphabet stamps. (via The Speckled Egg)

Mad Men is on my list of shows to start watching. I’ve been recording every episode of Season 2, but first I need to catch up on Season 1. For those of you who are already big fans of the show, I’m sure you’ll love these illustrations by Nobody’s Sweetheart. (via Miss Jane)

The first of three presidential debates is tonight. Watch it, and if you haven’t already done so, click here to register to vote.

OMG. I have 1000+ new posts waiting to be read on my Google Reader. That’s what happens when you’re away from a computer for ten days (yes, I had a little separation anxiety).

So how long do you think it will take to clean up my Reader?

Congratulations to Vane of Brooklyn Bride on the opening of her new online store, BklynPillow. By popular demand she is now creating ring pillows like the one she made for her own wedding. We didn’t use a ring pillow at our wedding. Did you? (via Brooklyn Bride)

Can somebody please explain to me why is this cork framed mirror nearly $300? Thanks. (via A Merry Mishap)

When I think of Lladro, I think of the collections of muted-colored porcelain figurines that my mom and grandmothers have on display. Although those traditional pieces never really struck a chord with me, I’m finding some of these new creations actually quite interesting. (via HeySusy*)

Somebody else just bought a new house! And check out Wendy’s adorable Boston Terrier, which is my husband’s favorite type of dog. (via dozi)

Speaking of houses, I’d love to hang one of Dallas Shaw’s vintage key pieces in my new home. (via Design*Sponge)

The next time I have cabin fever, I’ll think of Nicole’s Wee Girl and try to motivate myself to do something crafty. (via Making it Lovely)

I’m bummed that I missed my chance to buy an 8.5×11 of this print by Dorthe Alstrup. I love the colors! (via 20×200)

Hope you had a fabulous week!