15 to 30: brick and mortar | SIMA

Goal: Open a Store

When I quit my cubicle job two years ago, my immediate goal was to open a stationery store. Unfortunately, that ambition was a bit premature, as I had no idea what was involved in owning a business or managing a store. I decided to put the dream on a shelf and focus on my freelancing career.

A couple of months later, my path serendipitously crossed with another New York City transplant who had recently opened a lifestyle and accessories boutique in the Old Market called Trocadero. She happened to be hiring, and I thought working for her would be a great opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of running a small business. So for the past year, that’s what I’ve been doing, working and learning. During that time, with the help of my husband, I created my own company, The Social Life of Paper, selling custom invitations and social stationery out of my house.

Eventually I’d like to grow The Social Life of Paper into a brick and mortar business, a store that features a curated collection of modern paper-related products. The store would be a reflection of me, from how it’s designed to what products are on its shelves. I’d be able to set my own hours and maybe even bring Briscoe to work. I’d be my own boss, and I’d be responsible for, well, everything (although I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to ask if I needed help). Certainly it would be a challenge, but I imagine the feeling of “I did it!” would be worth it.

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