9 Easy Farm Animals To Raise

Do you want easy and relatively cheap animals to raise at your farm? Then listen up: these easy farm animals to raise will provide a significant part of your budget for farmers.

Of course, there is more than that when it comes to raising farm animals. For example, easy doesn’t mean simple; the process of raising any animal includes time and resources – but these 9 easy farm animals will be a breeze compared to some other options available out there (like horses or cows!). Keep in mind that easy is relative. What I mean by easy is the amount of time, effort, and expertise necessary to raise a given animal.

So buckle up, farmer! We’re about to begin our journey of easy farm animals. Let’s go!

Easy farm animals to raise

1. Rabbits

Of all easy farm animals, rabbits are probably the easiest for beginners. They require little space or infrastructure, and they can even give birth in your backyard! Their gestation period is only 28 days (less than half of most mammals), so you will get a lot of new baby bunnies in no time! Now that’s quick work if I ever saw it! If raised correctly rabbits also provide high-quality meat; rabbit meat tastes like chicken but has 10 times more protein. 

2. Ducks

Ducks are easy farm animals that are great for beginners looking to make some fast cash. They are very low maintenance in comparison with others in their category (birds). Ducks also taste amazing in any poultry dish – especially mallards. Mallards might just be the easiest farm animals to raise, as their meat is easy to sell during the winter months. Just make sure you have a fresh, clean water source for them, and you’re all set.

3. Chickens

Who doesn’t love chicken? It’s probably the most popular type of bird on this planet. The taste of chicken is easy to get used to, and it’s easy to make a quick meal out of poultry. Buying chickens might seem easy enough (although it can be hard if you’re looking for rare breeds), but we highly recommend raising your own easy farm animals instead.

4. Geese

Geese are easy farm animals that taste great when prepared properly; some would even say they taste better than chicken. If you’re looking to farm geese, make sure you get domestic breeds instead of wild ones. Domestic geese are much easier to raise. Like ducks, geese also need a fresh and clean water source, so keep that in mind if you decide on using them on your farm.

5. Pigs

It might come as a surprise, but pigs are easy farm animals to raise. They are easy to manage, take care of, and breed. Pigs are sociable creatures, but they don’t need much.  They are not picky eaters, which is a well-known and well-deserved stereotype, but a more surprising pig-fact is that they are actually very clean creatures. Just provide them with an adequate enclosure and enough feed, and the investment will pay off in no time.

6. Sheep

Sheep are great animals because they produce wool (for clothes), milk (especially for cheese-making), and meat (for easy farm animal burgers!). They require a solid enclosure, but they are placid creatures, so you could take care of a number of them without much hassle. Just make sure you keep them safe from predators.

7. Cows

Cows are easy farm animals that produce a lot of meat, milk and other dairy products. They require a larger enclosure but once they’re in, you can pretty much leave them to their own devices. They don’t need as much care as horses or pigs for instance, but they do require more commitment from the farmer.

8.  Goats

Goats are a great source of milk, meat and leather. Although they are easy to take care of, the price of an adult male goat can be quite high compared to other easy farm animals. If you still want easy farm animals though, goats are a good bet. They do require an enclosure though so make sure you abide by their needs before adding them to your easy farm.

9.   Turkeys

Turkeys are easy farm animals that provide great tasting meat, large and nutritious eggs, and quality feathers. They are easy to raise because they don’t require as much maintenance as ducks or chickens for instance. Make sure you have an enclosure ready though! 

This easy farm animals list has shown easy farm animals can come in different shapes and sizes, but they all require a lot of love and care. This list is meant to help you decide which easy farm animal might be the best fit for your family or your easy farming business. We hope to have educated you enough about easy farm animals to get started! 


What is the easiest farm animal to raise?

Ducks are easy to raise because you can raise them in a relatively small space, they provide easy farm animal meat and eggs, and they don’t require much attention. 

What is the best farm animals for beginners?

Horses, cows and goats are easy to raise for beginners because they don’t need a lot of care compared to other easy farm animals.

What is the most gentle farm animal?

Sheep are easy farm animals that are easy to tame because they don’t bite or kick as much as other easy farm animals.

What is the lowest maintenance farm animal?

Chickens are easy farm animals because they produce a lot of meat and eggs, but you don’t need a large space or food for them. They’ll also return the favour by alerting you to potential predators that could endanger your farm.

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