2007 December | SIMA

I got my second French manicure today at a different nail salon than when I had one done before Jessica’s wedding, and again the white tips seem too wide. I should have said something to the nail technician before he put on the top coat, but again I kept my mouth shut. Why do I do that?

If it happens a third time, I’ll be convinced that Omahans don’t know how to do French manicures.

It’s quite possible I’m too picky. It’s not like they’re a disaster. I’ll just deal with them until the next time I feel like splurging on a manicure (what a splurge –$13 for a French). Usually I just a solid dark color, like OPI’s Russian Navy or Who Are You Wearing? I’m convinced that OPI polish lasts longer on my fingers than any other brand.

What color are you wearing?

Every so often we all have one of those days or weeks when things just seem generally shitty and our warm, safe bed seems like the best place to be. Then we’ll be in the car, driving somewhere we’re not particularly thrilled to be heading, and when we change the radio station, our favorite song is playing. And it’s not a very popular song now, although it was about 14 years ago, and we think that maybe this song is being played specifically for us. Because it’s a happy song, at least in our eyes (or ears), and when we hear it we think about where we were when we first heard the song and remember how much we were in love with the lead singer even though nobody else thought he was particularly attractive. And we can’t believe that after all of these years, this one song still has the power to affect us and put a smile on our faces.


What’s your song?

Following a new recipe I made this Banana Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake.

It looked just like the photo in the cookbook!

Unfortunately, the toothpick test failed me again; it wasn’t fully cooked inside.

Grey sky. White snow. Omaha’s been looking especially dreary the last couple of days. I think I’m becoming immune to the cold. It was 17 degrees over the weekend and it didn’t seem that bad. It flurried on Saturday and Sunday, and they say another huge snow and ice storm might hit tonight. If that’s so, I might be trapped at home again.

J took me driving a day or so after last week’s snow storm.  We only went up and down our street. He wanted me to practice turning into a swerve and stopping short when the ground is slippery. The first couple of times he demonstrated my hand immediately went to the door handle. I felt like I was on an amusement park ride; I don’t do rides. When it was my turn to drive his car, a sporty new Saab, I frustrated J by not breaking 10 mph. Reluctantly I did what he told me to. When I felt (marginally) more comfortable on the road, we switched cars. I drive a 2003 Altima, which we determined does not have anti-lock breaks. It couldn’t come to a complete stop when I slammed on the breaks. It would slide, slide, slide until it finally stopped. Should I be freaked out about driving a car without anti-lock breaks? Well, I am!

If I’m going to make it through the winter here, I’m going to need an SUV and a set of snow tires.

My fender bender on Sunday really spooked me, so I’m working from home because it’s really snowing outside today.

They estimate up to 5 inches by 3 pm.