2008 May | SIMA

It was such a relief not to go into work this morning. J and I had To Do list with a deadline–ASAP! We dropped off our welcome letter, programs and seating cards to the copy place this morning, and I had to go back this afternoon while J was at work to pick them up. I can’t believe how professional they look! We worked really hard on them, and I’m proud of us for getting to the finish line (around 11:30pm last night).

Next I went to Von Maur to look for earrings for the big day. The very first pair that caught my eye in the jewelry department was the one I bought. How unlike me! Somebody had offered to loan me a pair, but without having the chance to see them first, I was hesitant to accept. Plus, I want the jewelry I wear to be mine, so I can pass it down to my kids someday.

Today I also hope to get most of my packing done. Last night we did 4 loads of laundry, so everything is clean and ready to be folded and packed. We have to have outfits for the days before the weekend, the wedding weekend, and our 3 day “mini-moon” in NYC, and that equals a lot of luggage.

Saturday night J had his bachelor party, so I had a girls’ night out. It wasn’t a true bachelorette party, but I did receive a couple of pairs of Victoria’s Secret underwear, include the hot little number above. When I was browsing the VS website for that image, I came across something I can’t believe I kind of want:

I’m so embarrassed. It’s so not me. I would never call myself a “Sexy Little Bride.” And it has a wedding ring zipper for goodness sake! But it seems so practical for the whole getting ready ordeal since it doesn’t go over your head (no chance of messing up hair or makeup) and it’s so festive. Oh, for shame!

Anyway, that night we had some cocktails, ate some sushi and went out for ice cream. If we weren’t all exhausted we would have gone dancing, but it was nice to have a laid back night. I was home and passed out way before J’s evening ended. Atta boy!