2008 September | Somewhere in Middle America

Dear Jason,

I just looked at your tour schedule and was disappointed to learn that you won’t be coming to Omaha this Fall.  However, you’ll be going to BOISE, ID???  Seriously?  Not that I have anything against Boise or Idaho, but BOISE, ID?

Omaha is very upset by this news.



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My latest Lemondrop blog post is up: Love at First Sight. If you enjoy reading it, please leave a comment on Lemondrop.  Thanks!

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“I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end.” — Margaret Thatcher

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These gorgeous LIT lampshades are custom-made using wallpaper, textiles and letterpress paper. I wish they had some ready-made ones available on their website for those of us without the money for custom shades. (via Design*Sponge)

If I were to write an entire post on 2009 calendars that I love, it would definitely include this desktop one by Michelle Brusegaard.

One word: Wow! (via coco+kelley)

I think the tripod legs on these ceramic bowls are adorable. I have a thing for simplistic white ceramics–so versatile! (via More Ways to Waste Time)

Like Jane, I’m not a stamper (though I have friends who are), but if I were, I’d definitely buy some from good-ness. I’d probably start with a box of large alphabet stamps. (via The Speckled Egg)

Mad Men is on my list of shows to start watching. I’ve been recording every episode of Season 2, but first I need to catch up on Season 1. For those of you who are already big fans of the show, I’m sure you’ll love these illustrations by Nobody’s Sweetheart. (via Miss Jane)

The first of three presidential debates is tonight. Watch it, and if you haven’t already done so, click here to register to vote.

We had our mail held at the Post Office while we were on our honeymoon, and I picked up this enormous pile from them on Monday. There were a couple of magazines (really, did Lucky HAVE to put Jessica Simpson on the cover?), some large envelopes containing information about our new house, bills (of course) and, to my delight, this!

Thank you Andy, Micah and Nick for my free t-shirt!  I promise to wear it all over town. I love that my idea for an Omaha city shirt actually came to fruition and hope that you get lots of orders from my fellow Omahans.

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Read my new CraftStylish post on Amy Butler‘s line of dinnerware for Mikasa here.

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I loved Katie’s Fall Manifesto and decided to come up with my own list of resolutions for Autumn:

* cook dinner following a new recipe once a week (i.e. learn to cook!)

* call my grandparents every Sunday

* call my out-of-state friends more often (i’m terrible, i know!)

* use/wear new purchases immediately rather than saving them for “special occasions”

* read more books (hello, library!)

* get rid of clutter

* limit the amount of time I spend on the internet every day (impossible!)

* work on stress management (how?)

* exercise more than once a week

* find a new hobby (what?)

* go to bed before midnight and wake up before 9 AM on weekdays

What are your seasonal resolutions?  I’d love to hear them!  Please comment below.

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Gwyneth Paltrow has created a new lifestyle site called GOOP. Although there is no real content up yet, she explains that GOOP will be a “collection of experiences.”  I like that expression.  It’s what I’ve realized Somewhere in Middle America has always been–a collection of my experiences.  I’ve written about being engaged, getting married, moving, finding new jobs, quitting those jobs and the people, places and things that have inspired me.  I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all of these things. I’m interested in konwing what specifically you’ve liked the most about my little blog. I have some big plans for it in the near future and am always interested in your input.

I’m looking forward to GOOP’s official launch. I’m curious about Gwyneth’s life and the things she finds interesting, but as for the recipes she plans on sharing… Isn’t she on a macrobiotic diet?  Yuck.

And what do you think GOOP means? Perhaps it stands for “Gwyneth something-something Paltrow,” but my guess is that it’s just a made up word.

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Did this happen while I was away on my honeymoon?

If not, I must be spending too much time in West O to miss the opening of American Apparel downtown.

Before it turns midnight and the day ends… happy half-birthday to me!

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