link up | Somewhere in Middle America

A couple of loyal readers recently told me how much they used to enjoy the links I would post on Fridays, so I decided to bring back my weekly “Link Up” feature. Happy reading!

A campfire treat gets even more indulgent. (via you are my fave)

From the curly hair to the studded shoes, she looks beautiful.

My 30th birthday was a bust, so I’m going to celebrate 31 like Joy.

I’m adding this movie to my Netflix list.

Did you know I have a new Twitter name?

I wish I could have gone to the Orange Beautiful grand opening in Chicago.

I can see myself comfortably wearing every single one of these outfits.

Take the 2010 Dirty Dozen list with you to Whole Foods.

(image by Lena Wolff via Design*Sponge)