2009 November | Somewhere in Middle America

Sometime around midnight on Saturday, as J and I were driving back to Omaha from Atlanta (where we spent Thanksgiving), our car collided with a deer on I-29 in Missouri. The car was severely damaged, but J, Briscoe and I were unharmed. We were completely shaken up, but we were unharmed. I can’t remember ever being in situation as scary.

I am so grateful that the car did it’s job and protected us from injury. I am grateful that my husband had the good sense not to swerve out of the way when he saw the deer run across the road; worse things could have happened if he did. And I am extremely grateful for our wonderful friends, J & D, who drove 2 hours each way the next morning to pick us in St. Joseph, MO.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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