Amish Communities in Georgia: A Quick Guide

Did you know that Amish communities exist in Georgia? There are people living all over the country, and many of them live in Georgia. One community is located near Tifton, GA. It’s important to learn about the culture before visiting a community for the first time. Learn more about these Amish in Georgia by reading this article!

How Many Amish Communities are in Georgia?

Three Amish communities are located near Tifton, Georgia. There is also one community south of Macon and another three communities in southern Georgia.

What Kinds of People Live in the Amish Communities? 

There are many different types of people living within each Amish community. Some families have a lot of members, while others have children who are all grown up with grandchildren. 

What Do the Amish Believe?

The Amish people believe in living a simple life without modern technology. They value family and community very highly, which is why they work hard to tie these communities together. The Amish also use buggies instead of cars.

Do They Have Electricty?

The amish do not have access to electricity. Instead, they use kerosene lamps and gas lanterns for lighting needs.

What Do They Eat?

The amish eat simple foods like chicken, potatoes, bread with butter or jelly on it, pie with ice cream on top of it (it’s delicious!), and more! They eat a variety of vegetables, including potatoes. They also eat simple desserts like various pies and cookies that are baked in the community kitchen.

What Do Amish Children Attend? 

Amish children attend school through eighth grade. From there they may choose to continue their education at vocational schools or apprentice with local tradespeople until age sixteen, when they may enter the workforce.

What Can Visitors Expect When Visiting an Amish Community? 

Visitors to Amish communities in Georgia can expect a quiet, peaceful environment where people are friendly and helpful. If you visit during holidays like Christmas, there will be special celebrations with food! There are also plenty of stores where you can buy baked goods and other specialties.

Where Can Visitors Stay When Visiting an Amish Community?

Visitors to any Amish community should note that they do not allow modern technology into their communities, so it’s important to check in with your hotel or cabin rental beforehand about whether they have cable or TV. Amish people do not have phones, so it’s best to bring a normal phone if you need one during your stay in a community.

What is the Weather Like During Visiting Season? 

Amish communities are only open for visitors from April through December because of their winter holidays and weather. If you visit during winter holidays like Christmas, expect very cold temperatures!

How Can I Stay Safe When Visiting an Amish Community? 

To stay safe when visiting Amish in Georgia, it’s important to dress modestly and respect their culture by avoiding modern technology like TV or phones. You should also follow any safety precautions listed on your hotel reservation about electricity and plumbing.


Where are the Most Amish Located?

The largest Amish communities are located in Pennsylvania. Other communities can be found in Iowa, New York, Ohio, and Indiana.

Can Amish Drink Alcohol?

Amish people are allowed to drink alcohol in moderation. Some communities are more strict about this rule than others.

Do Amish Marry More Than One Wife?

Only men in communities are allowed to have more than one wife, and the women usually agree to this arrangement. If a woman does not like her husband taking another bride, she can leave without any repercussions. 

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