are toning sneakers just a gimmick? | SIMA

I’ve never been interested in jumping on the toning sneaker bandwagon. For the longest time, Sketchers Shape-ups were the only option, and, honestly, they were not what I’d consider stylish footwear. Plus, I had serious doubts that they even worked.

But then I came across the New Balance TrueBalance 1100 in the September issue of Whole Living. Without the rounded wedge sole of the Shape-ups or the bulbous balance ball bottoms of the Reebok EasyTone, the sleek TrueBalance did not look as obvious as their counterparts, despite claiming similar toning results. They almost appeared — dare I say it? — cool. (I’m referring to the black and grey ones, not the pair in the image above.)

Still not convinced that, on their own, a pair of sneakers could magically tone my muscles and burn additional calories, I checked in with my trainer to see if wearing them while lifting weights and doing cardio could enhance the benefits of those activities. (Yes, I have a personal trainer. Trainers in Omaha cost WAY less than trainers in major metropolitan areas). His response, in a nutshell: No. He called all of those types of sneakers gimmicky.

However, if I was looking for added benefits from a sneaker, he recommended I check out the Nike Free Run+. Their design helps strengthen your foot and required your body to work harder for balance stabilization.

What do you think about toning sneakers? Would you wear them?

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