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The quest for self-sustainability is not an easy one. And if you’re aiming to live a simple life on your property, it’s even harder. You can cut down on the amount of work and energy needed to sustain yourself by following homestead blogs and learning from others’ experiences. If you want to start your homesteading journey or if you want to make your current homesteading lifestyle a bit easier, here are seven homestead blog sites you should follow.

  1. The Prairie Homestead

This blog chronicles the daily life of self-proclaimed homesteader and recovering city slicker, Kalyn Brooke Strauss. It’s packed full of articles about building, gardening, planting, preserving food, raising livestock and much more.

  1. The Self-Sufficient Home Acre

This blog was created by homesteader Simon Dale to share his experiences with the world. It includes personal stories, helpful tips for all things homesteading and posts about everything from chicken coop designs to homemade cheese recipes.

  1. The Little Homestead on the Prairie

This blog was founded by a homesteader, writer and photographer Donna Klingenberg. It provides simple living tips for people who want to live a happy life with their families. The posts offer advice on how to create your own garden little by little as well as posts about Donna’s “15-minute homestead.”

  1. Off-Grid Survival

The motto of this blog is, “Homesteading should not be hard, but it will take some work.” This site has a large collection of articles about other self-sufficient blogs as well as advice for those who want to live off the land. It also contains an extensive list of books about homesteading.

  1. One Acre Farm

This site is all about helping you achieve self-sufficiency on an acre of land, whether you live in the city or the suburbs. To become as self-sufficient as possible using your backyard, this blog offers articles that teach urban homesteading skills, including how to raise urban chickens and make your home-brewed beer.

  1. Little Homestead in the City

If you want to make your homestead dreams a reality but live in an apartment, this site is for you. This blog teaches the ins and outs of living off the land in a small space. It offers simple living tips and in-depth guides to various homesteading projects, including how to make your laundry detergent.

  1. Life Begins in the Garden

This blog highlights the homesteading adventures of a family from Mississippi who has been busy creating their very own self-sufficient home on an acre of land. It also chronicles their homesteading journeys, from planting and growing a vegetable garden to raising livestock and harvesting honey.

  1. Frugal-cafe

This blog is devoted to frugality and being more self-sufficient in rural areas. It has articles with information on kitchen building projects, step-by-step guides for beginner off-grid homesteaders, and posts about gardening and raising animals.

  1. Wildwood Survival

This blog covers a wide range of topics with an emphasis on living more naturally and with self-reliance in mind. It has articles on things like solar power, canning foods, how to make your own household products, and recipes for things like bread.

  1. Homestead To Homestead

On this blog, you can find posts about keeping livestock, growing your food, and doing old fashioned things like making candles from scratch. It also has recipes for preparing homemade meals made from natural ingredients harvested from the farm or grown in a garden plot.

  1. White House Homestead

This blog is run by a couple in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. They have posted about growing and preserving your food, raising livestock from laying hens to pigs, and advice on how to get started with homesteading for beginners – all from their experience living off-grid on a homestead.

  1. The Gnowfglins Guru

Here, you’ll find posts about self-sustainable living and simple country living on a shoestring budget – mostly for families who live away from the city life in more rural areas; all things like woodworking projects, harvesting your food, crafts you can make yourself, and recipes for things like bread.

  1. Our Permaculture Life

On this blog, there are posts on topics ranging from gardening to raising chickens. The author of the site has some helpful advice on how to get started with homesteading if you live in a cold climate. There are also posts about what to do if you’re just short on cash but still want to get started with homesteading, and how even small steps can add up quickly when it comes to being more self-sufficient.

  1. Freezy ray

This blog has posts about homemade household products, sewing and mending clothes to make them last longer and cut back on expenses, and recipes for natural remedies to common ailments like diaper rash. It also covers topics like foraging wild plants to make cordials and teas, fermenting vegetables, bread baking from scratch, and recipes that use things like coconut oil and wine to make food healthier.

  1. Homestead Honey

This blog is full of posts about beekeeping, canning and preserving foods, and making your household products like laundry detergent and shampoo. There’s advice on how to get started with homesteading if you don’t have a lot of lands to work with, and how to make use of your outdoor space like balcony gardens. There are also posts on making your toys for children that encourage them to explore the world around them through playtime.

  1. Land That I Love

This blog has posts about beekeeping, gardening, cooking, recipes for things like bread, fermenting foods, raising chickens, and growing your fruit trees. There are also posts about how to make household cleaners from ingredients you can find around the homestead or grow in a garden of your own, as well as information on doing crafts like needlework.

  1. Nifty Homesteaders

This blog is full of personal homesteading stories from its author. It has posts about how to get started with homesteading, gardening and raising livestock, as well as recipes for things like jams and meatballs. There’s also a guest post at the end that you can read called ‘The Four Stages of Homesteading’ that other homesteaders can relate to.

Have trouble finding the perfect homestead blog site? Consider starting your own! This tutorial has everything you need to know about starting a successful blog of your very own.

Many people dream of living a simple life on the homestead but don’t know where to find all the information they need to get started. The goal of this post is to showcase some homestead bloggers and resources you can use as guides. If you’re looking for ways to make your homesteading lifestyle more affordable, self-sufficient, efficient, meaningful, or just more interesting – read on!

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