50 Great Ways to Make Money Homesteading

How can you afford your, homestead when you’re just getting by? There are many ways that even the smallest income can be stretched to allow for a financial foundation for a homestead.

What can you do on a homestead besides farm and raise livestock?

Here are 50 ideas for making money homesteading

1. Use the land to provide natural beauty and relaxation for others

Offer lodging, day use, campsites or guided hiking tours. Many who live on large acreages such as small farms and ranchers look forward to sharing their slice of paradise with friends and family as well as new folks from out of town or out of the country. 

You can offer camping facilities that include an outdoor fire ring (with grill), picnic table, lantern hanger hook, water source or pump/pond, biffy cleaning station with a shovel, latrine barrel with cover underneath optional pull-out wooden slat seat option, etc – just be sure to provide clean and environmentally responsible facilities that are well maintained.

2. Start a homesteading business 

such as a farm market, roadside stand or pick-your-own produce operation. Whether you sell wholesale to grocery stores, restaurants and other businesses or retail to individuals, your farm products will always be in demand as long as they’re fresh, healthy and grown organically without chemical pesticides and fertilizers (including naturally occurring fertilizer like manure).

3. Take advantage of the local tourism to bring travellers out for an educational experience 

Day trips for history buffs wanting to learn about your area’s past; photography outings; wildlife safaris; star-gazing sessions; bird-watching expeditions (featuring local species); etc.

4. Auction 

Your homemade products on eBay and Etsy, or other online auction sites such as craigslist and digital goods such as books, artwork and photos on Amazon. You can also sell physical products locally through a consignment shop or at weekend swap meets and flea markets.

5. Host fundraisers 

For local charities, schools, churches and non-profit organizations to boost funding sources while ensuring you’ll be involved with various aspects of the community.

Not just providing an awesome place for people to stay during their visits, but participating in events such as fairs, festivals and parades; organizing recreational trips for senior citizens; donating baskets of fresh farm goodies each holiday season; holding special gatherings like baby showers, graduation parties, bridal showers, weddings; organizing business meetings; hosting wedding receptions (give the happy couple a great discount since they’ll likely return for anniversaries or to hold special family events like christenings and birthday parties); etc.

6. Rent your farm or homestead for commercial film shoots 

Shoot everything from nature documentaries to horror flicks that require spooky scenery. With today’s digital cameras, directors can opt for computer-generated backdrops of anything they want against which the stars of their show will perform – all at an affordable price if you live far enough away from major cities where rents are typically high.

7. Grow flowers on your land 

Sell bouquets to flats as well as individual customers who want to pick their own. You can also sell potted plants, individual flowers and seeds.

8. Offer farm-fresh meals for sale featuring your homestead’s unique bounty 

Even if you’re miles away from commercial traffic. People are willing to pay top dollars for healthy food that tastes delicious cooked with ingredients they either grew themselves or sourced locally through people they trust (which is what you’ll be offering).

9. Promote yourself as an organic lifestyle coach

Ready to advise on how others can create their homesteads by growing crops and raising livestock – but not necessarily selling anything beyond a few homegrown veggies and eggs from his/her chickens.

10. Build a mini zip-line or A-frame swing set for kids

Offer other recreational activities like cornhole (bean bag toss), horseshoes and croquet.

11. Design and sell novelty items like hand-painted glassware

Original clothing; unique driftwood art pieces; homemade wind chimes crafted from recycled materials – just come up with ideas that are both artistic and functional so you’re not selling something just for decoration or to sit on a shelf gathering dust.

12. Make all-natural handmade products 

Such as lip balm, lotion bars, herbal bath bags, solid perfume sticks, soy wax candles, body oil sprays, etc. Mix your favourite scents during the holidays for gift baskets containing many organic goodies crafted by you in small batches using ingredients sourced locally when possible.

13. Teach classes on how to make your products at the local community centre, senior centre or library 

Be sure to offer materials and supplies for participants to take home with them so they can practice what you’ve taught at their leisure. You might also consider offering one-on-one lessons or coaching sessions for a fee, especially if you’re known as a whiz with a sewing machine for quilting, a computer that excels at graphics design, etc.

14. Cook up tasty meals using your homestead’s fresh produce 

Even if you have just a few chickens and a small garden – that others may want to order from you directly so feel free to give out recipes along with instructions on how people can replicate your success when cooking from scratch.

15. Throw classes on everything 

From how to can fruits and vegetables in jars at home, how to make your cheeses, sausages or wines, shows on how to grow crops photo periodically (with lights) indoors throughout the winter months, demonstrations on how to launder clothes without using washing machines or dryers that rely on electric energy, etc.

16. Put out a box 

Where people may leave clothing they no longer want, then sell these items during garage sales for $1-$2 each so you get something by way of revenue even if the new owners won’t pay much since you’ve covered all your costs beforehand.

17. Sell antiques or collectables at regular yard sales 

If you have any hidden gems within your home that are worth something to the right buyer – just keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual which you could pass off as an antique (even if it’s not) on online auction sites like eBay.

18 Who says there isn’t money in recycling?

Find reusable materials like old tires, scrap metal, appliances and other large items people aren’t using anymore and sell them at local junkyards or warehouses. If you’re like the Flintstones, source out fossil fuels like coal and petroleum oil that can be used to generate energy at some point in history.

19. Market yourself as an amateur genealogist skilled 

With family trees who researches ancestors’ hometowns or dates of birth/deaths for a fee, then provide special reports or letters in beautiful calligraphy on your findings.

20. Offer to do the legwork 

For others in finding whatever they’re looking for whether it’s a lost relative, old friend, long lost love interest, etc. – just be sure to clearly state how much their time and money is worth when bidding so there are no complaints later when you hand over your research results along with bills to pay.

21. If you have the time and patience (not everyone does)

The startup, an online business where you can sell antiques or collectables via auction websites like eBay, take orders from customers who want handmade items built specifically to their specifications after evaluating photographs of your previous work, etc. Just make sure to have a separate business bank account so any personal money doesn’t become mixed in with this side hustle.

22. Sell handmade items 

From your homestead at farmers’ markets, art shows or craft fairs – even better if you can mass-produce the same item and price it competitively against others selling similar wares to provide an anchor for potential buyers.

23. Turn your homestead into a bird sanctuary of sorts 

Where people can come to learn about wild birds up close – be sure to clean cages before bringing home any new animals as guests might appreciate viewing animals living in their natural habitats rather than confined spaces – and charge admission fees to non-residents for an educational experience they won’t forget anytime soon!

24. Create a website 

To showcase items you sell daily either on your homestead or nearby town and offer to meet up with buyers at a nearby public place like a shopping mall parking lot to avoid any trouble – just make sure that this endeavour is legal where you live.

25. Make homemade greeting cards 

For family, friends or customers then take orders from others who want customized originals especially made for them – either via phone calls, emails, etc. Just keep in mind that most customers will expect prices based on how many designs are featured within the card so be prepared to give out quotes accordingly.

26. Tote around an old fashioned metal box 

With padlocks along with a sign advertising free kittens/puppies inside (make sure there are some for people willing to take the time to check out your offer) – you’ll get lots of business this way, but make sure to keep the box clean and feed any pets that are in there daily.

27. If you’re close with a member of law enforcement or know someone in medical services, become an anonymous tipster 

For them when they’re hunting down suspects wanted in connection with crimes who could pass through your local area since chances are you hear just about everything which happens around town before everyone else does.

28. Create original greeting cards 

Featuring wildlife or nature scenes then sell them at flea markets or other outdoor shindigs where customers might be looking for something offbeat yet pretty enough to frame on their walls at home – just remember that not all people go to these events for shopping, they might be attending a reunion, graduation party or a family get together so don’t crowd their personal space.

29. If you have enough acreage on your homestead then try raising one or two ponies/miniature horses 

From birth then sell them at an auction when they’re fully grown – just make sure that they’re registered with the proper associations before putting them up for sale since most buyers will ask due to liability issues.

30. Make gourmet salt scrubs and other all-natural bath products 

By mixing pure unprocessed sea salts, essential oils and coconut oil (or jojoba oil) while giving baths to your animals and selling the products via coupons in local newspapers, classified ads or online classifieds like Craigslist.

31. If you’re at least part owner of a homestead with one or more family members then make arrangements 

To be in charge of the legal paperwork and taxes associated with owning property in your area – this way if someone needs to quickly sell their share, they can just transfer it over to you for a small sum that will add up over time without having any tax repercussions on either side of the transaction.

32. Create an art portfolio featuring various nature scenes 

And wildlife found on your homestead then use them as promotional materials when selling items such as print reproductions, digital downloads, needlework patterns or even pottery made from clay dug up from your backyard! Just remember that some people might want exclusive rights before using any images for commercial purposes.

33. Design and make your homemade dog treats to sell at local coffee shops or neighbourhood grocery stores 

Just give a free sample to one of the employees first so they know how people will respond once they taste a delicious morsel of what you offer, then start setting up regular weekly verbal orders from them if possible.

34. Offer special bulk order discounts on select products 

That you usually sell via coupons or at normal retail prices then post that information on your website as well as provide testimonials from current customers who received their orders already – this way people can see how much cheaper it would be to buy in large quantities instead of buying single items here and there all the time which saves everyone more money.

35. If you have a small petting zoo at your homestead then make money by selling advertising space 

On the inside of your fence/gate to local businesses or farmer’s market vendors looking for inexpensive ways to get their products noticed by passing customers – just be sure to check with them first before putting up whatever vinyl adhesive signs they may want to display since some are better suited for outdoor conditions while others are best indoors.

36. Create custom invitation cards 

Asking friends and family members if they know anyone who might be interested in buying all or part of your homestead, even if it’s just one acre, house or other structure which makes it easier to manage by splitting the main property into several smaller plots so there’s more opportunity for someone else to come along and be a perfect fit.

37. Braid your dog’s fur 

Then sell the braided art to people who would love to display it as a wall hanging, mobile decoration or even use it as jewellery for their furry friend so they can match. Just make sure that you do all of this before getting them groomed so no mats or other irritants are waiting to tangle up your braid work.

38. Put together an illustrated pamphlet showing off various tips related to homesteading skills 

Such as how to time plant harvests with weather conditions, how much seed should be planted per square foot/meter, best times for pruning fruit trees etc – just try first your local agricultural extension office if you want to offer guidance in how your homesteading skills apply to their area.

39. Use the extra cover crop the chickens didn’t eat then sell it as organic fertilizer 

By bagging it up and delivering it to interested gardeners or farms nearby for immediate use be careful though that you don’t spread any weed seeds that may have taken root in your homestead’s soil since these can quickly take over others’ growing spaces if you’re not careful.

40. Find out if local schools need help teaching students 

How to plant their gardens, prepare healthy backyard meals or other areas where they could benefit from having a real-life example of all different kinds of small scale farming techniques at work so you can get paid teaching on weekends while you’re still living at home with your parents on weekdays.

41. Take on small scale farming on the side to earn some extra cash 

By selling excess summer crops during the fall and winter months when prices are usually higher for this kind of produce – you can even sell excess meat, filtered water or other items in exchange for trade so the buyer doesn’t have to spend any actual cash out of pocket, just make sure that they sign a note promising payment before starting anything!

42. Offer your homesteading services as an individual entity 

Instead of just trying to include everything within one easy package – making money off the grid takes time, dedication and patience which means that anyone interested is looking for someone who offers their unique skills instead of just trying to bundle everything together, especially if it’s something that can easily be purchased at a local gardening centre or other homesteading business.

43. Bring in the harvest produce then go room by room 

Cleaning different parts of your homestead for additional pay – just remember to wear old clothes and shoes since there may still be potential contaminants lingering on the floors, carpets and even walls and whenever possible try and clean items outside so you don’t accidentally put yourself at risk for getting sick from breathing in all those particles.

44. Use leftover compost then sell it as an alternative soil option 

With the caveat that buyers have to agree they won’t leave any complaints after purchasing what you’re selling – this way, you’ll avoid people trying to claim damages later for whatever reason and still have a chance of making something in return for your efforts.

45. Create an online business profile 

Then offer to take on virtual assistant tasks since most entrepreneurs will tell you there’s always a ton of work that needs doing outside the main office – just be sure to charge a reasonable hourly rate since this kind of work can quickly get tedious if you’re not properly compensated!

46. Teach other homesteaders (and even backyard gardeners) how to make their chicken feed instead of buying it 

From huge agricultural distributors by taking part in local workshops or seminars then bringing all the information home to implement yourself – what better way is there to show off your skills than by teaching someone else how they can improve their techniques while making an almost guaranteed sale in the process?

47. Create your homemade cleaning products 

Sell them to local neighbours who are looking for less toxic alternatives instead of just settling on another store-bought alternative that will likely just get thrown away after being used once or twice – if you want to make some money homesteading, remember to include regular price reductions depending on the quantity brought in so customers are more inclined to buy larger quantities!

48. Turn some of your extra garden space into a small side business 

Offering up fresh produce stands in different locations where customers can easily find them without too much effort – this kind of homesteading income is ideal since it requires little oversight on your part, just make sure that you aren’t breaking any health codes by selling from random locations or even parking lots without a permit!

49. Sell your homemade crafts then use the money 

You make to purchase more raw materials that can then be turned into additional items homesteading income is all about buying low and selling high which means there’s no reason why you can’t keep turning things over until you’ve got a collection of brand new handmade products for customers to choose from!

50. Teach other homesteaders how to save money 

Food by making their sourdough bread, cheese, yoghurt and even other dairy products from scratch so everyone wins in this situation since people get healthier foods while you’re still able to add some extra cash into your home business budget – just remember to keep careful records for tax season so you don’t forget to include all the money made since this is technically considered income!


How do I start a homestead with no money?

A homestead can be started with no money. The idea of a homestead is to live off the land, so people have been doing this for years by living on public lands, working part-time jobs and saving their money until they are ready to start planting crops or animals. Homesteading takes dedication, hard work and time.

How do small farmers make money?

Small farmers make money by selling crops and food products. They sell these items to local grocery stores, farmer’s markets and restaurants. The small farmer also makes money by teaching and consulting for other farmers who want to start homesteading or farms of their own.

What states still allow homesteading?

The only state where homesteading is still completely legal, without special permission from the government, is Hawaii. The other states have varying levels of restrictions on what you can do with your land.

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