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How We Blog is an ongoing series that reveals the blogging habits of some of my favorite bloggers.

Next up: Lisa from my coney.

1. Please describe your blog and your reason for creating it.

my coney began as a catalog of everything design or arts related that I find inspiring and interesting.  I have worked at keeping it within those parameters – though often tempted to include other content – I really try to maintain the integrity and not stray too far from ‘design’, which, fortunately, is a pretty broad topic.  I categorize it as an arts + design blog, and awesome.

2. Where do you find inspiration for your posts?

Living in New York City provides endless inspiration – from walking the streets, riding the subway to stumbled upon happenings – this city is overflowing!  I also value my twitter feed for brief updates on all things interesting; it’s great to have the content of my favorite bloggers, museums, magazines & friends in such a succinct space.

3. Please tell me a little bit about your blogging habits.

When I feel overwhelmingly inspired, I write several blogs at once, scheduling them ahead of time.  Generally I prefer to write the night before a post – I’m not my best at 8am. With Coney Tuesdays, I like to be as current as possible – those entries, in particular, are written day-of.

4. How many other blogs do you read a day? What are some of your favorites

I frequent 6-10 blogs per day (not sure I could handle many more)  Beyond those featured on my blog roll, I enjoy Inspire Me, Now! and find imagination at Swiss Miss.

5. What do you love the most about blogging?

Blogging has enabled me to catalog my most valued index of inspiration.  When working on a creative project, I now have this incredible inventory of imaginative design to motivate me.  Enhancing this glee is sharing content in a public forum.  There is so much wonder and design out there; I love inviting others to find muse within my posts and am excited by readers shared influences.

Thank you, Lisa, for your thoughtful answers!

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