i can’t come to the phone right now | SIMA

I feel so incredibly guilty when my husband, who is currently deployed, calls at inopportune times.

A couple of weeks ago, I was distracted by Rilo Kiley blasting through the speakers at Urban Outfitters and had to move outside to hear him… although the music was still plenty audible, making it difficult to converse. Another night I was elbow-deep in preparing dinner, at a point in my recipe when timing was key, and I couldn’t step away from the stove. My frustration was evident to him, I’m sure, but I had my grandmother at my side, my dog at my feet and my mother across the room, and I was overwhelmed.

This morning I was literally walking out the door when J called, wanting to Skype. I should have eagerly ran back to my computer, but I panicked that I was going to be late for work. Ultimately I decided to drop my keys and get online. I got to say a quick hello and shed a few tears before hopping in the car and speeding down to the Old Market.

I know that I’m extremely lucky that J is in a position where he can call a couple of times a week, even if he can only stay on the phone for a minute or two. I’m sure there are thousands of military wives who go weeks or months without hearing from their husbands, so I know I should drop everything to talk to him when I have the chance.

Am I a bad (military) wife because sometimes I can’t?

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