showing off omaha | SIMA

Bad blogger! I haven’t had a chance to write my weekly link up post because I’ve been prepping for an out-of-town guest. My oldest friend is coming to Omaha for the very first time this morning.

When I say “oldest,” I don’t mean in age. I’ve known Ali even longer than I’ve known my own sister. Our moms met in Lamaze class; Ali was born a month before I was. We lived in the same townhouse development until our parents bought their first houses. Although they moved to the same town, Ali and I went to different elementary and middle schools. Our friendship survived on play dates until we met back up in high school. Then after college we were roomies in DC for a year.

She requested I show her my favorite places in Omaha this weekend, which got me thinking… What are my faves? While I come up with my list, why don’t you share yours? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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