Living on a Homestead Simple Life

Life on a homestead is one of life’s great pleasures. Many people dream about taking back to basics and living life in the isolation of their homestead while still having access to modern-day life conveniences. For many, life changes for reasons beyond their control and it becomes necessary to live off-grid. That doesn’t mean you give up life’s modern conveniences; life on a homestead can be very comfortable and life can be lived simply with the right planning.

What is a Homestead? 

In the past, a homestead was a small piece of land given to someone by the government. It would be used as part payment for military service or as an incentive to settle in certain areas. However, this article isn’t about those historical homesteads.

Today, homesteaders are people who enjoy living life without being too concerned with material things. Homesteading is also known as the ‘simple life, where you grow your food and live off the grid. It seems to be growing in popularity recently, but it is nothing new.

Many people have chosen to live off-grid in remote areas of Canada or Alaska surviving solely by hunting wild game and growing their food while others choose to grow small gardens and raise some livestock near their big city apartment to be able to afford life. These are just a few examples of life on a homestead but there are many more choices and possibilities.

Each person living on their homestead will have different daily chores, responsibilities, and tasks that need attention. Chores may include feeding the animals, gathering eggs from the chicken coop, milking the cow or goat, cooking food from your harvest or preserving meats bought at a local farmer’s market for later use in winter months when life slows down outside. 

Even if you choose to build a life in the city and grow small gardens and raise some livestock near your big city apartment you still will have daily chores such as weeding flower beds, cleaning up pet waste around the yard, feeding pets or livestock purchased as “pets”, preparing your harvest for later use.

How to Make a Living Homesteading?

As with any life, there are plenty of responsibilities that come along with homestead life. Certain things happen in farming life just because of what you’re doing with your life Things like being able to feed your family and grow your food. These life goals make life better and healthier, but they do not always make life easier.

The first thing you have to know about homestead life is that it isn’t a luxury life. While some people may have planned for this life by buying a farm or building a house that can accommodate a farming lifestyle, others just started doing things the moment they got into the homesteading lifestyle. This means that those who are new at living on their homesteads will be struggling with being able to live life as usual.

To avoid these struggles, here are our tips for making a living homesteading so you can enjoy your life as much as possible!

Homestead Life Tip 1: Have A Backup Plan

One of the most important things that you can do when trying to start homestead life is to have a plan in place. While homestead life may be for you, it’s not for everyone. If life with animals and outdoor living isn’t your thing, then maybe homestead life isn’t right for you. Unless something drastic happens, most non-homesteaders who try life on a farm or in the wild eventually leave because they find there’s nothing there for them.

These people need to know that they’re not stuck if their life isn’t what they expected it to be like. They need to know that there are other options out there that allow them to live life even if it isn’t on the homestead life. While you can’t plan for everything, it’s important to have a backup plan ready just in case life on the homestead doesn’t work out.

Homestead Life Tip 2: Find Your Way Of Living

Even if life on the homestead is what you want life to be like, you still need to find your version of Certain things that happen. Living life on a farm or living life in the wilderness isn’t easy, so while one person may be able to do it without even thinking twice, other people couldn’t imagine life any other way.

To make sure that life is as good as it possibly can be when living homesteading life, everyone has to figure out how they want life to look and feel. Take stock of your life and decide what you want life to be like so that when life gets tough, you’ll still have the energy and enthusiasm to get through life on a homestead successfully.

Homestead Life Tip 3: Be Prepared For The Unexpected

We all know that life is unpredictable, but this isn’t something we often think about when planning for life on a homestead. No matter how much time you spend planning everything out, some things just can’t be planned ahead of time.

Since life is unpredictable, it’s important to keep yourself prepared for the unexpected. When living homesteading life, being prepared means being ready for life throws at you because life on the farm or life in the wild is full of life lessons.

Homestead Life Tip 4: Build Strong Relationships With Friends and Family

You’re going to need support when living homesteading life, so you must find ways to build relationships outside of life on a homestead. It doesn’t matter how strong you think your relationship is with your spouse, there are always many life events that can put a strain on any relationship.

This means making sure you have at least one friend who understands what life is like when living homesteading life. They should be someone who not only understands life but wants to live life as well. You could even make friends with other people who to know more about how life living life on a homestead life by searching online.

Homestead Life Tip 5: Have Fun As Much As You Can

It’s easy to let life get too serious, and life on the homestead is no exception. While life can be life-changing and life-giving, it can also be life-taking if you’re not careful. That means that even though you have responsibilities to take care of, from making sure your family eats every day to being able to protect your farm or land from thieves or wild animals, having fun is just as important as staying safe.

Having fun doesn’t mean getting rid of the responsibility part of life, but it does mean finding ways for all members of your household to enjoy life. This could include life activities that life on the homestead life or life activities meant for life outside life on a homestead life.

Homestead Life Tip 6: Take Care of Yourself and Your Family

It’s easy to get things out of balance when living homesteading life. If you only take care of your farm and family, while forgetting about yourself in the process, slowly but surely everything will fall apart at some point or another.

This means that taking care of life both physically and emotionally is important. To be able to keep going even during life’s tougher times, it’s important to make sure everyone in your household not only has what they need but also wants as well.

If you’re someone who wants life to change, life living life on a homestead life isn’t what you’re looking for. Life living life on a homestead life isn’t right for everyone, which is why it’s important to consider everything before making any decisions that could affect the rest of your life.

No matter how much someone loves their life living life on a homestead life, there are always going to be some things that they just can’t get past. By taking stock of your whole life and figuring out where you want life to go, it will be easier than ever before to make sure you have all the tools necessary to live the best possible life.

Making Money on the Homestead

The life of homesteading is designed to be very self-sufficient. As life progresses, it becomes more and more difficult to make money or find income outside of what can be found on your homestead. This is why many people are turning their efforts towards living life off the land.

These life-changing money-making techniques can be used to make life easier and more fulfilling, while also helping you save money on your electric bill!

Sell Your Eggs for Profit

Many people choose homesteading life because of their love for animals. Chickens are very social creatures, making them an excellent choice for homestead life. If you are starting to build your homestead life, the first thing that you should do is start building a chicken coop for housing your chickens.

Once your flock of chickens has grown to an amount that would be profitable, consider selling eggs to make money off your homestead life. One dozen eggs can fetch about $2.00 to $3.50, depending on the market and demand for eggs in your area.

Hire Out Your Homestead Skills

Many people choose homestead life because of their desire to learn life skills that were once commonly used by those living life off the land. Many life skills can be made into fun hobbies as well! Skills such as gardening, canning, sewing, carpentry and more are all very useful life skills that could turn into a profitable life on your homestead life.

Many life skills can be used to make the life of homestead life easier by repairing items around the house or making homemade gifts for friends. Utilizing these homestead life skills and turning them into a money-making hobby is not only fun but can also provide life with money to homestead life.

Tend Your Homestead Garden

Many people choose to homestead life because of their desire to build a life that uses natural resources as much as possible. This can include growing life on your land, building life-long relationships with local farmers and sustainably using life.

Gardening is not only fun, but it can be an excellent way to build a life on your homestead life. With proper tending, gardening can provide life with fresh vegetables for year-round use. It also provides you with the opportunity to get away from life and experience life in the form of gardening life.

Not only does tending your garden provide life with fresh vegetables, but it also provides a way to make money off your homestead life. Many people choose to sell their excess produce at their local farmer’s market or roadside stand. This allows you to make a profit off life on your homestead life!

Harvest Your Land for Profit!

With life on the homestead life, you are given an excellent opportunity to live life off your land. One of the best ways to start living life off your land life is by planting crops and harvesting them for a profit. The first thing that you should do when considering living off the land is think about the life that can be successfully grown on your land life.

You should choose a life that you are familiar with, a life that is planted in your area life or a life that can naturally occur in your area life. This will make it easier to plant and harvest for a profit.

If you don’t know what life is best suited for living off the life, consider consulting life that is grown in your area life or life that naturally occurs in life. This can be done by contacting life and life services life. They can provide you with information on the best life to plant for a successful harvest.

No matter what life you choose to plant and harvest for profit, it will provide an excellent way to make life off life! It can be a great way to build a life in life and will allow you to enjoy life in the form of life.

With life on your homestead life, you are given an excellent opportunity to live life off your land. Utilizing these homestead skills and turning them into money-making hobbies is not only fun but can also provide life with money to live.

Many people choose life because of their desire to build a life that uses natural resources life as much as possible. This can include growing life on your own life, building life-long relationships life local farmers life and sustainably using life.

How To Start A Homestead 

People regularly leave the life they’ve known to begin life anew. Such is life when you live on a homestead. Some people yearn for this life of simplicity and self-sufficiency, but how does one begin living on a homestead?

Step 1: Make sure you have enough land to live on

You may think you can just buy one acre of land to start, but in reality, if you plan on living off the land then you need at least 10 acres of land. That is where your animals will graze and that is where you will plant your life-sustaining crops.

Step 2: Buy the right tools you will need to live on your homestead

There are countless items that you need to homestead life. But one of the most important ones is the plough because it will make life much easier when trying to break up your land for planting life-sustaining crops. You will also need a plough horse to turn up the soil.

You will also need to invest in animals, like cows and goats, that you can use for milk or meat; chickens; pigs; horses; geese; donkeys etc. The list of animals is endless because there are so many life-giving items that these animals supply homestead life with. 

You will also need proper housing for them, like barns and stables. So this category of life-sustaining items is something you need to spend quite some time looking into before purchasing any life-sustaining homestead item.

Step 3: Grow life-giving crops to sustain life

The life-giving crops are barley; corn; rye; wheat; millet; oats; rice etc. It is important for life on the homestead to have life-giving crops because these are the crops that provide life-sustaining foods that you can eat or turn into life-sustaining beverages which you can drink to stay healthy.

Step 4: Raise life-giving animals to sustain life

The life-giving animals are cows; goats; chickens; pigs etc. These are the farm animals that supply food and milk on the homestead. They also supply manure for your soil with nutrients so it is great for growing life-sustaining crops. So make sure you always have plenty of life-giving animals available on your homestead.

Step 5: Gather wild fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries from nature

Gathering life-giving fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries from nature creates life-sustaining food on the homestead. You can find life-giving fruits, vegetables, nuts and berries that grow all over the world like apples; oranges; peaches; plums; pears; grapefruit etc.

Step 6: Have life-sustaining beverages

If you want to live life on a homestead then make sure you always have life-sustaining beverages available for drinking. These are beverages like milk (from cows or goats); water (make sure it is pure by boiling it); coffee (from beans); tea (from leaves) etc. If you drink life-sustaining beverages then you will be able to survive on your life-sustaining homestead.

Learn How To Fix Stuff Yourself

Since life on a homestead usually involves moving into the sticks and enjoying life in seclusion, there’s no Home Depot around the corner to help you fix pipes and other contraptions which break down. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with reading blueprints and learning how to solder pipes and even wire locks if necessary. People who

Learn How To Grow Your Food

Knowing how to grow your food is essential if you wish to live life as a homesteader. You’ll need to plan out development and growth stages well in advance so that you can come up with a suitable rotation schedule for planting and harvesting vegetables, fruits, grains, and all manner of other edibles which you will likely consume regularly. 

Doing this well will help ensure that life on the homestead remains simple because it means there’s no need for going grocery shopping or making trips into town, which can be time consuming and expensive. Get a good book about sustainable agriculture and follow its instructions very carefully.

Get To Know Your Surroundings

When life becomes simple, you’ll need to be capable of living with the land itself, not just ploughing it and harvesting crops. Take some time to explore your surroundings. Learn where different plants grow, what small animals live in the area, and which large predators are likely to stalk nearby prey. 

You’ll also need to know how to build shelters out of natural materials like fallen sticks and mud. Life on a homestead is all about simplicity, so you’ll want to get good at living life with what nature provides naturally. Learning these things will make life much easier for you if life on the homestead ever strikes your fancy; allowing you ample opportunity for enjoying life in peace and seclusion away from town life stresses.

Learn Skills For Survival

Having life skills can be very useful in several situations. Learning how to build a shelter, start a fire in wet conditions, purify water quickly in the wilderness, and navigate by natural signs without any modern gadgets can all come in quite handy when life deals you with something less than ideal. 

Even if life on the homestead is everything you’ve dreamed of life is full of possibilities for trouble. The more life skills you have at your disposal, the better off you’ll be when life throws you another curveball.

Get Used To Being Self-Sufficient

Life on a homestead is simple because it’s self-sufficient; there’s no need to label items with expiry dates or worry about a ‘convenient’ life. Instead, life on the homestead is life with only the necessities and life-sustaining essentials you’ll need to get by from day today. 

You may have some things which make life easier (like a generator and farm equipment) but they will all be second nature and won’t require any advanced maintenance or repair work. By getting used to not relying on modern conveniences, you will learn how to enjoy life without them; making life much simpler in the process.

Live Off The Grid Completely

Life on a homestead is simple because it’s completely free of most modern convenience life requires. If you want life on the homestead to become your new reality, then consider living off the grid entirely; meaning that there is no electrical grid to use life’s modern conveniences. 

Doing life this way is quite simple once you’re used to it, but life on the homestead like this will require an ample supply of life-sustaining essentials; most importantly water and power for life tools that make life easier (like refrigerators).

Live Simply And Waste Nothing

There are many more ways in which life on a homestead can be made simpler by embracing life’s basic principles of living simply. You’ll need to get good at living without unnecessary items which only clutter up space and collect dust around the homestead. If there are any things you don’t need, then consider getting rid of them unless they have some kind of sentimental value. 

Remember that life on a homestead is life as nature intended it to be; with as little human impact as possible. Living life like this ensures that the environment will be around for generations to come and makes life on a homestead very simple indeed.


What does homestead living mean?

For many people, the life of a homesteader was romanticized. It has been so long since life on a homestead required hard work for survival that authors repeatedly use the same language to describe life on a farm or in undeveloped areas. 

Homestead life consists of living off the land. It can be as big or small as you want it to be, depending on how much acreage you have available for working with. Homesteading life is quite simple actually, but one must take into consideration that life may not be forever. 

Other homesteaders decide to go the other path by doing everything their way and not following any traditional rules at all because they believe it goes against modern life views.

Can you make a living on a homestead?

Of course, with the right know-how and equipment. In this article, we will look at what homestead life is, how it works and if the life of a homesteader is for you.

What states still allow homesteading?

Many states still allow homesteading in some form or another, including Alaska, Florida, Kansas, South Dakota, Delaware, New Hampshire, Louisiana, Maine, Hawaii, Tennessee, Texas, Oklahoma, Virginia, Illinois, West Virginia, Utah, New Mexico, Maryland, Vermont, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, Missouri, Indiana and Ohio.

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