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Because of my dry, scratchy throat, I’ve been drinking tea instead of coffee in the morning for past two weeks. Is it just me or does coffee sound less appetizing when you have a sore throat? 

Today I’m trying a new flavor: Goji Berry Pomegranate Green Tea by Celestial Seasonings. What’s your favorite type of tea? 

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This past Sunday, J and I participated in the Nebraska Humane Society’s Walk for Animals 2008 with the Ws and the Fs. Since we don’t have a dog of our own (yet), the Fs let us walk with one of their two dogs, Sheriff.  Bella, their other dog, is actually an alum of the NE Humane Society and got to wear a special purple ribbon on her collar.

Sheriff and Bella NHS Alum — National Honor Society?

On the trail we came across a woman walking two four-month-old Miniature Schnauzers that her family had bred.  She was selling them for $100 each.  J and I were charmed by one pup, Happy Time Harry, but ultimately decided that he wasn’t the right dog for us. Interestingly, the owners had his tail clipped but decided to leave his ears long.

Happy Time Harry

The W’s little Lola was sporting her Buffalo Bills leash in preparation for the afternoon’s game against the St. Louis Rams. Although Lola did not come from the NE Humane Society, she was rescued from a shelter in Washington, DC.

Lovely Lola

Sadly, the NE Humane Society has only reached about 50% of its goal of $250,000.  If you would like to make a donation, please click here.

Here are some more photos from the morning:

The sound of thunder woke me up at 8 AM. Now I’m nestled on my comfy couch, catching up on 1000+ Google Reader entries and drinking a cup of French Vanilla-flavored coffee. When I’m inside my apartment all warm and cozy, I don’t mind the rain. It’s a peaceful morning.

Happy Monday, everybody.

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Last night I went to the ER with cramps in my lower right abdomen. Five hours later I was diagnosed with acute gastroenteritis. However, the experience wasn’t a total waste of time. After bloodwork and a CT scan confirmed that the pain it wasn’t appendicitis or anything having to do with my liver or gallblatter, I had a sonogram to check for ovarian cysts. Why am I telling you this? Because not only are my ovaries completely healthy, they are also perfectly sized and placed, according to the tech. Usually one ovary is larger or sits higher than the other, but my reproductive organs look exactly like they do in the textbooks–and apparently that is uncommon.

I’m so proud of my ovaries. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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