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When I saw this poster on More Ways to Waste Time, I immediately thought of marriage. As I’m learning, in a successful marriage you often need to do what’s best for the relationship (the “we”) rather than what’s best for yourself (the “me”). I’ve been told this is a crucial lesson to learn, especially during the first year — when it’s easy to fall back into singleton selfishness.

You can buy it for $18 here. Unfortunately, I love the message, but I’m not crazy about the colors.

… to Jess and her Guy!  I can’t believe it’s been a year since their amazing wedding. Time is just flying by.


No, this is not a photo of me. I didn’t “trash my dress” after my wedding. It’s hanging in my bedroom closet in my parents’ house, exactly where I left it after the wedding weekend. It’s safe and sound–but dirty. I haven’t let my mom take the dress to be cleaned and preserved yet because she thinks that the neighborhood dry cleaner will suffice. I’m not so sure about that. This is my wedding dress we’re talking about! But I know that taking it back to the bridal salon from where it was purchase will likely cost several hundred dollars, and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with that option either.

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On Saturday Jamie and I took a road trip to Kansas City. Our primary goal was to return or exchange gifts we had each received for our weddings (she got married a month after I did) and to use our 10% off completion coupon to buy what remained on our registries. A trip to the plaza was also on our agenda, as we both wanted to go to Anthropologie, Paper Source and American Apparel, among other stores.

Here’s a rundown of our day spent in KC by the numbers.

360 = Approximate numbers of miles we traveled roundtrip

2.5 = Hours spent at Crate & Barrel

3 = Number of bags containing Jamie’s purchases from C&B

12 = Number of bags and boxes containing my purchases from C&B

2 = Number of fast food meals eaten in 12 hours. Lunch at McDonald’s and a snack at Wendy’s on our drive home.

25 = Percentage we got off on our purchases from Anthropologie thanks to Jamie’s sister’s Friends & Family discount.

1 = Number of travel centers we stopped at on our way home. SAPP BROS, somewhere in Iowa, is a site to be seen.

4 = Number of folding knives in a collectibles kit available at SAPP BROS — and on sale!

45 – Minutes listening to “Learn Italian” CD. (io capisco un po l’taliano)

1,000,000 = Degrees it felt like outside as we walked up hills, down hills and in circles

Jamie’s bags

My boxes and bags

More of my purchases


The craziest gas station store ever

Knives on sale

Watches and wax

I wore fake nails to my wedding.

However, they were gel and not acrylic, and I used Mademoiselle by Essie rather than getting the traditional bridal French manicure, which I think helped to lessen the tackiness.

Now my real nails are in dire need of some TLC. Not only are they short (I bit them WAY down in the weeks leading up to the wedding), but they’re weak. I heard that there are some supplements you can take to help your nails grow faster and stronger. A former co-worker used to take MSM supplements, but I’m wary to start taking those because they seem to be for arthritic adults and not for growing fingernails. I heard that Biotin can make your hair and nails grow, but can anybody vouch for that? What about the expensive Phyto supplements from France?

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