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Off-Grid living is the way of life that many people choose. They do this to escape from society and live a simpler, more fulfilling lifestyle.

It means no connection with public utilities such as water, sewage or electricity. Off-Grid homes can be powered by solar power panels, wind turbines and running water from rainwater collectors or rivers.

Off-Grid Land can be bought by those who wish to live a simpler life without public utilities. This way of life is chosen for many homes are also called off-grid houses, eco-friendly houses, alternative houses and Green housing.

To live Off-Grid you need to buy land which is isolated from public utilities. You can’t just move onto a piece of land with all the modern conveniences because you will have to install your own water supply, septic system, solar panels and other devices needed to live off-grid.

Off-Grid Land can be bought by those who wish to live a simpler life without public utilities. This way of life is chosen for many reasons including the environmental impact it would have on public utilities if everyone lived that way, or because they want to escape from society. If you want to live off the grid you can buy land at any price, but the more isolated it is the better.

When you’re looking to buy off-grid land in order to set up your own home, there are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to finding the perfect piece of land for you. While some people decide they want an island or another type of isolated location, most off-grid land seekers simply look for a property where utilities are available. 

However, those who want to go completely off the grid may have a bit of a challenge finding land that meets their needs. In order to help you find your perfect piece of off-grid land, here is a list of things to keep in mind as you search:


Make sure the off-grid land you’re looking to buy is accessible by either car or truck, depending on how heavy your building materials are. Some people prefer to build close to a dirt road so they can bring their building supplies in with an ATV or truck, while others prefer something more secluded and only accessible on foot or by horseback.

Water Availability

If you’re planning to have a garden, livestock, and an irrigation system on your off-grid land, it’s important that you look for a property with access to clean water.

Utilities Available

While building a house from scratch is certainly possible on off-grid land with no utilities, it can be difficult and time-consuming. So, if you’re planning on living off-grid on your own land, you’ll want to make sure that there are electricity, phone service, internet access, etc. available in the area.

Infrastructure Costs 

If you plan to use satellite Internet or cell phones for your utilities, you’ll want to find off-grid land with proper infrastructure in place. However, if your utilities will be powered by solar panels or water turbines, then this won’t matter as much to you.

Wildlife Availability 

If you plan on hunting, fishing, and foraging for food on your off-grid land, you’ll want to find a property that has a lot of wildlife. The more animals in the area, the better.


Although off-grid land can be purchased just about anywhere in the world, there are certain locations in which you’ll have an easier time making this lifestyle work for you. If you’re unsure where to begin your search for off-grid land, it would be a good idea to ask yourself what lifestyle you want to have and from there, narrow down the list of properties that fit your criteria. For example, if you’re interested in a more nomadic off-grid lifestyle, try looking for land in a warmer climate with an abundance of trees.

Tips to assist you in finding off-grid land

Finding off-grid land is a big step in living off the grid. You have to consider what type of property you are looking for. There are many considerations when buying off-grid land, including bylaws, soil contaminants, and the capacity to support your home. Once you find an ideal location for sale that meets your conditions, it can be an arduous process.

1. Be realistic about your budget 

“Living off the grid” is an expensive choice – so be realistic about your budget when house hunting. The cost of buying off-grid land is the same as any other real estate purchase, but you will have to add in expenses for solar panels or wind turbines and an emergency generator too.

2. Be flexible when making your choice 

Be flexible when choosing where to buy off-grid land – it’s not all about finding remote locations in the country. Some people prefer to be quite isolated, but others want to live among other families in a small community. It’s possible to find off-grid land for sale (or even rent) on remote islands or in suburbs – it all depends on how much you are prepared to pay.

3. Know what you can and can’t do yourself 

Once you have bought off-grid land, you are responsible for doing all the work yourself. This means that you need to be aware of what is involved in making a property liveable without mains power. If you want to install solar panels or wind turbines there are government grants available in certain countries – but you will have to pay someone to connect them up.


What states can you legally live off the grid?

Alaska – Although Alaska is a popular place to off-grid due to its low population and abundance of natural resources, few legalities might make this an impossibility. Owning property far from any city or town in Alaska, however, is a good way to live off the grid.

Colorado – Colorado is another popular off-grid destination for its large land area and sparse population.

Montana – One of the best states in America to live off-grid, according to many sources. The state constitution gives citizens the right to own their homes, which lets people live off-grid and in the way they see fit.

Kansas – Kansas is another state with a very friendly stance towards property owners and their rights. There are no laws against living off the land without being on public property, so it’s possible to move out into the country and not have any issues from the authorities about doing so.

South Dakota – South Dakota has a very clear law that states “individuals…may acquire, possess, enjoy and protect property.” This means that you could move out to the country and live off-grid with little to no issues from the state.

Texas – One of the largest states in America has many different declarations in its constitution that would allow citizens to own their property without having to pay taxes on it or to build a shelter there. You’ll have to do thorough research on your plan to make sure it’s legal, but living off-grid in Texas is possible.

What is off the grid land?

Off the grid, the land is the land that is not connected to city utilities. Off the grid, the property does not rely on public electricity, water or sewage services.

How do you find off-grid land?

There are two main ways to find off-grid land. One way would be to buy off-grid land with nothing on it already for you to build your dream home or cabin on top of, which is my preferred method if possible, but not always practical.

The second way would be to look for off-grid land with a dilapidated cabin or building on it. You can then tear down the existing structure and build your own dream home in its place, thus saving yourself some money buying off-grid land.

Closing thoughts

Off-grid land is becoming an increasingly popular choice to buy in the modern-day, especially because it allows people to live life off-grid. Many people are choosing this lifestyle because they want to enjoy the freedom of not living in crowded buildings and cities when possible. After all, you read and know now, so do you one of them?

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