Best Off-Grid Homes

And off Grid House Plans are on the internet. Off-grid homes are becoming more popular in rural areas where there is no existing power grid. In this article, you will find the best off-grid house plans so far, which have been designed by some of the most talented architects and designers in the world. A… Continue reading Best Off-Grid Homes

Can You Still Homestead in Alaska

Can homesteading in Alaska still be a viable way of life, or has the homestead act been nullified by new laws? Today homesteading is a phrase generally associated with Western United States history. Homesteading came about as a result of homestead acts passed by various governments to encourage people to settle and populate certain areas.… Continue reading Can You Still Homestead in Alaska

How to Start Urban Farming

Urban agriculture is a response to the growing environmental and economic problems of conventional food production. Growing food in urban areas reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of transporting food while enabling cities to provide more fresh produce for their inhabitants. The Benefits of Urban Farming Urban farming is not only an excellent way to contribute… Continue reading How to Start Urban Farming