Tips for How to Build Self Sustaining Garden

Everybody has heard of self-sufficiency and self-reliance, but it’s surprising how little most people know about self-sufficiency gardening. A self-sufficient garden can be a self-reliant gardener’s best friend, providing him with fresh vegetables every day of the year. By growing your foods in a self-sufficient garden you get to control what goes into them. You… Continue reading Tips for How to Build Self Sustaining Garden

15 Homesteading Grants for Farm

The word homesteading is a very old term, with established laws circling it. In the United States, homesteading has been around since 1862 when President Lincoln signed the Homestead Act. To break down what homesteading means from an American perspective, a home place is a location where a person lives and works on a particular… Continue reading 15 Homesteading Grants for Farm

Best Homestead Blog Sites

The quest for self-sustainability is not an easy one. And if you’re aiming to live a simple life on your property, it’s even harder. You can cut down on the amount of work and energy needed to sustain yourself by following homestead blogs and learning from others’ experiences. If you want to start your homesteading… Continue reading Best Homestead Blog Sites

Beginners Guide to Homesteading

Welcome to this start-from-scratch homesteading guide! There are many reasons one might decide they want to change their lifestyle to something more self-reliant. Maybe you feel like society is becoming too consumerist, or that future generations will need to be much less dependent on others for support. Or maybe you think it’s simply fun and… Continue reading Beginners Guide to Homesteading

How to Homesteading Minnesota

Whether you’re just thinking about homesteading or you’re ready to hit the ground running, here’s a how-to guide for some of the steps involved in homesteading Minnesota. This may not be as difficult as it sounds. The first step is finding your property and the best ways to do this are advertising for it, or… Continue reading How to Homesteading Minnesota