The Ultimate Guide to Picking Furniture for Your Home

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to go ahead and assume that picking furniture for your home is a situation you find yourself in often. Whether it’s picking out new living room furniture or picking the right bedroom set for your child, picking furniture can be difficult. 

This article will guide you through the process of picking the perfect pieces to fill up your space. We’ll start by talking about what types of materials make sense for different rooms in your home and how you should match each material with its appropriate style, before jumping into specific tips on picking things like couches and beds!

Decide on the Material

When picking out the furniture for your home, you’ll first need to decide on what type of material will work best. We recommend picking the main material that’s going to be featured in the room and then picking two or three accent pieces (couches, chairs) made from other materials. While this isn’t an absolute rule, it can keep things more cohesive in your space.

Types of Material to Ponder:

  • Natural (wood, stone)
  • Synthetic (leather, cotton) 

Decide on a Style

The next step to picking furniture for your home is deciding on the overall style that you want. The best way to choose a style is by thinking about who lives in your house and how they spend their time at home. If you have young children, casual pieces will be right up their alley while more grown-up styles can work better in spaces with just adults. We recommend picking out a few different styles to see what works best for your home and then combining the pieces within each one to create an interesting space that’s cohesive overall.

Style of Furniture to Match Materials With:

  • Classic (bright colors, traditional patterns)
  • Modern (neutral tones, sleek lines) 
  • Casual (worn fabrics and textures)

Picking Beds, Couches, and Tables

Picking out beds and couches can be a little more difficult than picking other pieces. The main thing to think about here is how many people will need to sit on the couch or sleep in the bed at once? If you have a large family, it’s probably best to go with something larger for these items while smaller spaces may want to pick out something smaller.

Tips for Couches: 

  • Pick couches that are the same height as the other furniture in the room so they don’t look like they’re towering over everything else or sinking into their surroundings. 
  • If you only have one couch, picking a style with clean lines will help it blend well with your decor.

Tips for Beds: 

  • If you like having a lot of decorative pillows on your bed, picking out one that has minimal head and footboards is the way to go since it will be easier to accessorize. 
  • If there’s already plenty of decoration in the room when picking out a new bed, picking one with a more ornate head and footboards will make it stand out.
  • If picking a bed for your child, think about their favorite colors when picking out the frame since this will be something they’re seeing every morning.

Picking Out Tables 

Whether you need to find new coffee tables or side tables for your living room, picking out new tables is always a great option. The main things to consider when picking table materials are style and size. If you’re going to be placing something decorative on top of your coffee or side table, pick out one that has clean lines so the decoration doesn’t get lost in any carvings or patterns.


What Couches Last the Longest?

Cotton couches are known for being incredibly durable and can last a long time if they’re well taken care of. Leather is another good option because it’s soft, comfortable, and easy to clean.

How Do I Choose a Sofa That Will Last?

There are a few factors that go into picking out a sofa that will last, including the material and how it’s been treated. Cotton is known for being very durable while leather can be soft yet resilient depending on what type of treatment it has received.

How Should Sofas Last?

Sofas should be used regularly to ensure they have the longest life possible. If picking out a sofa that will only see light use, picking something more comfortable is usually worth it because it won’t wear as easily over time.

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