How to Grow Food In Your Tiny Yard

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In this article, we will give you small space gardening tips that will help you grow your own food even if you have a small yard. You can plant vegetables and herbs in small containers or pots on your patio or porch! If there is no room for a container garden, then try growing edibles vertically with a trellis. There are also many types of edible plants that require very little space to grow such as lettuce and cherry tomatoes.

Peat-Free Soil

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Peat is a non-renewable natural resource that has been harvested in some countries for over 100 years. It may be necessary to use peat-based soil, however, if you can find an organic alternative it will promote healthy plant growth and produce healthier plants.

Some small space gardening tips include using compost or manure instead of peat when possible. Compost helps improve soil structure and increases water retention while manure has beneficial nutrients for plants.

In small spaces, it is important to have healthy organic soils because small containers dry out quickly so the plant roots need well-draining soil that holds moisture but also drains excess water away from them. If you are using a potting mix with a small amount of organic soil, then you may want to add a mixture of compost or manure into the container.

You can also use water-absorbing materials such as small pebbles at the bottom of your containers instead of using a traditional potting mix. This will help improve drainage and wicking action from the bed to promote healthy plant growth in small spaces.

Recycled Planters and Pots

Recycled items can make small space gardening tips fun and creative. There are many types of recycled planters you could use for your plants such as old tires, wooden crates, or even plastic bottles. You may want to try using a hanging basket on the patio if there is the room because it will add vertical interest while also providing good drainage for small spaces.

Vertical Garden

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Vertical small space gardening tips are great for small patios or porches. You can build a small trellis that will hold dwarf bean plants, vining vegetables such as cucumbers or melons, or even some types of flowering vines like morning glories.

If you have limited room around the patio but still want to grow some vegetables, then try planting some small vegetables in a small planter and place them on the patio. If you have room along the side of your house or porch, then consider building a small vertical garden with wood trellis panels (note: this may require permission from your landlord if there is fencing involved).

Regular Watering

Water small space gardening tips are important for healthy plants. In small containers, the soil dries out quickly so make sure you check your container daily to keep it moist but not soggy or waterlogged. You may need a small watering can with a small spout if there are no drain holes in your pots and containers.

Try using a small soaker hose to water around small plants on your porch or patio, and keep an eye out for small leaks if you use this method. It is also important to monitor drainage in small spaces because they can dry up quickly but excess water will drown small roots and cause problems with plant growth such as root rot diseases. 

Examine the Space

Healthy small space gardening tips depend on your small outdoor spaces. Look at the available amount of sun and shade in your yard to determine what plants you can grow. If it is a small shady area, then consider growing fruiting vegetables like strawberries or blueberries (note: these will need more attention than veggies).

If you have a small sunny space, then grow vegetables and small flowering plants. If you do not have much room to add new soil when starting with small container gardening, then just use the existing soil in your yard when planting small veggies or edible flowers. 

In small spaces, plan on having to add small amounts of soil or compost every year because plants will use up the available nutrients in a small container quickly. Also, consider growing some flowers along with vegetables and fruits for more color and interest around your patio space.


How do You Garden in Small Space?

A small space is defined as an area that does not have enough room to add a lot of new soil annually. You can grow small vegetables, herbs, or small flowering plants in small containers on your porch or patio.  If you have small trees in your backyard, then try planting some small veggies or flowers under the canopy of the tree to take advantage of small space gardening tips.

What Vegetables Can You Grow in a Small Space?

The small space gardening tips are determined by what type of vegetables you want to grow. Root veggies like beets, carrots, or turnips will not take up much room in small spaces but leafy greens such as lettuce and spinach can also work well if there is enough sun for them.  For small space container gardening, consider growing small fruiting vegetables like strawberries or tomatoes.

How Do You Add Height to a Small Garden?

Adding small vertical interest is a great small space gardening tip for small gardens. You can use fencing or trellises with climbing vines to make your small garden more interesting and give it some extra height.   Try using small plants like vining beans, small cucumbers, or melons to grow up a trellis panel.

You can also use small plant pots, small planters with lids, and containers in various shapes to add height. Also, consider adding some small flowering vines such as morning glories to your patio space for color and interest.

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